The Rabid Readers Review – Return to Arms by E.A. Wickland

The Rabid Readers Review – Return to Arms by E.A. Wickland

Evander McCray is the commander of a space ship and has just fought a war against aliens in which he distinguished himself so greatly that the aliens themselves ask for him to be present at the signing of the final peace. McCray is out of his depth being a naval officer not a diplomat, but he does his best and in the process makes an enemy who will haunt his career to come…

This is a very short read which stands well on its own feet or as a superb introduction to the books that follow. We get to meet McCray and learn a lot about the universe he lives and works in whilst following an exciting sequence of events which lead up to his being given the opportunity of a life time.

Some ‘series prequel’ stories have the feel of being manufactured to fit the role, this feels like a story that needed to be told in its own right.

Get it, read it – it is worth it for the space battle alone, the author is master of writing them. But if you love sci-fi with a military feel you will love this.

E.M. Swift-Hook

This is a quick fun read which I gobbled up in fifteen minutes. It’s a proper boy’s own adventure in which our hero gallops from disaster to disaster with properly heroic success. However it’s leavened by a good deal of snarky humour and a hero with a knack of putting both feet in it.

The other outstanding feature of the book, aside from it being tremendous fun, is that it takes the lid off the idea that people can be made to believe the most idiotic of figureheads are heroes – if said heroes aren’t bothered who they step on. An idea that has a particular resonance for the here and now…

Five shiny stars and a huge recommendation.

Jane Jago

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