My Truth

So here I stand and raise my flag
To mark my point of view
I hold it high above the crowd
So they can see it too

I shout my truth in voice so loud
With little care for tact
The voice that speaks the loudest wins
Opinion made fact.

I see you mouthing thoughtful words
But care not for your whys
I subscribe to the YouTube truth
And know the media lies.

And when the experts say I’m wrong
We all know experts fail
They don’t mean what they’re on about
They’re paid to tell a tale.

And scientists are in the pay
Of those in the deep state
Who only want to crush the truth
And silence all debate.

So don’t tell me of climate change,
I know it’s just weather.
Claim lives saved by vaccination?
Don’t you pull my tether!

I might not know where China is
But I’ve had education
You can’t fool me anymore
With your United Nations.

It used to be a real pain
To get what I think heard
Then someone made the internet
So I can spread the word.

And now there are a million flags
All waving in the sun
And to all it’s plain to see
My day has just begun!

E.M. Swift-Hook

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