The Merciless Elf

Oh what can ail thee little pig
All pink and shivering
When lockdown’s coming on the land
A fearsome thing

Oh what can ail thee little pig
A’singing a sad tune
When night has fallen on the wood
But there’s no moon

I see a nightcap on your head
And bedsocks on your toes
And yet you stand beneath the moon
And wrinkle your small nose

I had a dream that woke my eyes
About a fairy child
And out I came to look for him
But he was wild

I thought to walk with him a while
And hear his eldritch song
But when I came out to the night
I found him gone

Oh come within now little pig
Don’t hesitate at all
Come home now lest the merciless elf
Thee take in thrall

©️Jane Jago 2020

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