The Parting of the Ways

Two friends I met along the way,
Both wishing my companionship
One dark as night one fair as day
One I could keep, one to let slip
Each with his own of charm and wit
Each with a subtle tale to tell
Which one would be the better fit
Which with to walk would fare most well
I looked at each one eye to eye
I felt their beating heart’s desires
To part with either made me cry
To lose the ice, or keep the fire
And at the crossroads there we stood
Each offered different ways
Then all at once I understood
The portent of my days
I took the road where neither stood
And walked, my bear and me
For in the end the only good
Is strength to wander free
I took the road less travelled by
I took the greater chance
And as we walked, my bear and I
Spared not a backward glance

©️jj 2020

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