Author Feature – The Fifth Horseman by Frieda Kilmari

The Fifth Horseman (Horseman’s Harem Saga Book 1) by Frieda Kilmari.

The only thing worse than suddenly waking up in a magical house with the insanely gorgeous Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse? Being the Fifth.With no memory of who I am, where I came from, or what I’m doing here, I’m thrust into a new life with four people who I might want more from than just friendship. But with no past, how can I possibly plan for a future?
The only clue as to who I am? Four different species’ magic resides within me—Vampire, Fae, Shifter, and Witch—and between them, I might be the most powerful creature on the planet.

I know I should be freaking out, throwing some kind of tantrum or having a meltdown, but something about this place just feels like home. I belong here. A relationship, even just a friendly one, with all the Horsemen scares me, and the suddenly large expanse of my future makes me apprehensive about everything I’ll see and lose along the way, but despite the insecurity, I have the potential to really exist here. I can’t remember my past, and I know I’ve left people behind on Earth, and maybe one day I’ll go back to see what my life once was, but right here and now, this is my present, and it’s time to learn what that really means.

The Fifth Horseman (Horseman’s Harem Saga Book 1) is out now!

A Bite of… Frieda Kilmari

Q1: Would you rather be a hero or a villain?

I’d definitely rather be a villain. You know, in a fictional way. I’d get to do that evil villain laugh, eat as much cake as I want, not have any moral obligations, and crush anyone who annoys me. Oh, oh, oh. Can I wear a cape? Like, a dark purple cape with swooping eyeliner and grungy eyeshadow? That would be awesome! Heroes are okay, but they’re forced to be good, morally obligated, and can be kind of stiff. Villains are free to be whoever they want to be. And they don’t HAVE to do anything. If I were a villain, I’d just lounge around the house all day eating hot chocolate and cake, and then go out in my hot, sizzling villain outfit whenever I need a pick-me-up. 

Q2: Chocolate cake or coffee cake?

Did someone say cake? Chocolate cake? Ohhhhhhh, chocolate cake with white chocolate frosting . . . Oh, or maybe a chocolate cake with strawberries and strawberry frosting. Oh, or maybe a chocolate muffin tower with gooey brownie centers . . .  Oh, or a giant salted caramel chocolate cake . . . Mmmmm. 

Q3: You can have four guests at a dinner party. Name the four people living, dead or fictional you would most like to entertain.

Dinner date with four fictional characters? Hmmm . . . Sounds like a fun night for someone who reads as much romance as me. I’d definitely pick Loki; he’s hot, he has awesome powers that would be hilarious as a dinner party, and did I mention he’s hot? Evil Regina from Once Upon A time. Could you imagine the showdown between her and Loki? That’s a show I’d pay to see. From a safe distance. Add in some hot, rugged Aragorn from LoTR and Jack Sparrow, and we have ourselves an orgy–I mean, dinner party. 😉 

Frieda Kilmari is an author, writer, and editor residing in south-west England, who loves all things fiction. She has a passion for fantasy, romance, science-fiction, and poetry that runs her life, from her career to her passions. You can find her on Facebook, Twitter and her own website.

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