The Horseman

I never thought to fear the dark
Ne’er thought that there could be
A creature in the dark of night
More terrible than me
I was the hunt that split the dawn
That roused them from their homes
That drowned them in the water deep
That burned their evil bones
I and mine rode proud and tall
And took our duty straight
We dragged them from their covens
There, to face their lawful fate
Until the night I rode alone
Until they dragged me down
From my horse with evil force
Till I lay on the ground
They kicked me with their cobbled boots
And stabbed me with their knives
How could it be that such as me
Fell victim to old wives
And even as I prayed for aid
They tied me to a tree
I knew then from their laughter
They would make an end of me
And now I ride a spectral horse
A creature with no home
As on the gibbet slowly swing
My empty mortal bones

©️jj 2020

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