Granny’s Thirty-First Pearl

Pearls of wisdom from an octogenarian who’s seen it all

Silly Rules

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for health and safety. I lived in a time when if you got your fingers cut off by a machine you were working with because your employer was too much the tight-wad to have proper guards fitted, it was all on you.

But things can go too far.

One of my friends, who can’t get around like she used to, has a carer in most days and they are most obliging and helpful, she tells me.

Except when she asked if one, a strapping young thing in her mid-twenties, would be kind enough to stand on a step ladder and get a meter reading for her.


She hadn’t done the training. She was due to have it next week.

So. My fellow octogenarian, wobbly on her feet, went up the step ladder herself. 

Said carer reported back on the stepladder training. Apparently they were not even allowed to step on a step ladder during it as they hadn’t been trained – health and safety, you know…

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