Drabble Competition Honourable Mention

To celebrate our third birthday at the beginning of July, the Working Title Blog held a drabble writing competition.

As it is our third birthday competition we have three Honourable Mentions. This one is from Stephanie Barr.

She’d been driven from her home again.
Hated. Scorned. Alone. Reviled for what she was not who, though how could she be anything but what she was?
She never attacked anyone who didn’t invade her home, even though those invaders were hated as much as she was herself.
She wanted no more than what anyone else wants: the chance to live in peace, to raise a family, to sleep and eat like anyone else.
Well, maybe not eat like anyone else.
Sucking them dry rather than eating per se. It could be disturbing.
It was hard to be a spider.


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