Drabble Competition Runner Up

To celebrate our third birthday at the beginning of July, the Working Title Blog held a drabble writing competition.

As it is our third birthday completion we have three runners up! This one is from Ian Bristow.

“Cake or pie.”

Elise looked up at her mum’s attempt at a stern face and pulled a far superior expression of disappointment.

“But … but you said we could have both.” She turned away, as not to betray herself with a sly grin she could no more resist than the desire to indulge in her favorite treats on her birthday. After all, birthdays only came once a year. 

“I said we might be able to have both if you behaved this week.”

Pout reestablished, Elise turned back to face her mum. “And I have behaved!”

Cake and pie it was.


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