Drabble Competition Runner Up

To celebrate our third birthday at the beginning of July, the Working Title Blog held a drabble writing competition.

As it is our third birthday completion we have three runners up! This is by science-fiction and fantasy author Sharon Wong.

“But it’s not my birthday,” says the child.

“No matter,” Alibeth coos, setting the frosted wonder down on the kitchen table. “It’s yours.”

The child approaches the cake with wide eyes, her gazed fixed as though she cannot look anywhere else. Once she takes a bite, she won’t be able to think of anything else. Alibeth has made sure of that.

On the kitchen floor, the corpses of the child’s parents grow cold. Alibeth will deal with them when the child sleeps. She will clear the house of any trace of them. Her house, now.

The child begins to eat.


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