Winner of Our 3rd Birthday Drabble Comp!

To celebrate our third birthday at the beginning of July, the Working Title Blog held a drabble writing competition.

We are thrilled to announce that this is the winning entry by Tim Walker author of the Arthurian series A Light in the Dark Ages.

“Send in the…” 

He coughed into his palm, shoulders shaking as his body convulsed.

“Send in what, sir?” 

The polished lieutenant leaned towards his commanding officer, concern etched on his brow.

“Send in the…” the older man spluttered, cake crumbs spraying his blotter. “Send in…the…hoops.”

He slumped forward, eyes bulging. The lieutenant leap to his side and slapped his back repeatedly. It was no use. The commander lay dead, saliva dribbling from his lips.

“Send in the hoops?” He eyed his subordinates and sighed. “Stand down the men until I get clarification. And stay away from the cake!”


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