Author Feature – The Organized Author by Cindy Tomamichel

Imagine having an organized platform with information ready for your next book launch. A magical place where readers can browse your books and contact you begging for more. You could be that author!
Whether you are a fledgling author just starting out or a seasoned professional, The Organized Author by Cindy Tomamichel is here with the answers you need.

Welcome writers!

Once there was a golden age of writing, where authors sat down at their typewriters, and wrote words that seldom needed editing. R.E Howard (creator of Conan) shouted his dialogue as he typed, rousing only to argue with the exasperated neighbours, no doubt tired of hearing the hero and sorcerer arguing. Science fiction authors such as Heinlein and Asimov sent off short stories to magazines and changed the way people viewed entertainment. In France and London, poets mused in cafes, arguing over absinthe and words in equal measure. If you wanted to remain unknown to your readers, then it was possible. J.D. Salinger and Harper Lee apparently never gave interviews.
What has this rosy picture to do with me, you might well be asking yourself? Well, the one thing missing in the past was the internet, and the pressure on authors to build awareness of themselves in a sea of others doing the same. No one who wants to make some money or gain readers today can act like a writer from a past century. The world of writing has changed and changed fast.
Being an author in this time of the internet is a lot harder in some ways than in the past. No longer can we type up something and dash it off to an editor, and write more while waiting for the money to roll in. That’s idealised, but no one fifty years ago could have been as overwhelmed with the amount of self-promotion, marketing and platform building that is seen as essential in today’s writing world. It is really easy to feel completely overwhelmed, and this interferes with or stops your writing and can lead to you thinking you are never doing enough. I have felt like that – and maybe you do too? I hope that this book will help get back some writing time for you.
What is the Organized Author? I go through most of the areas that can be part of an author’s platform with the fiendish intent of helping you organise and consolidate your social media and profiles. I will cover aspects such as websites, Facebook, your Amazon profile, Twitter, Goodreads and various other profiles. You may have all or some – or none – of these, it doesn’t matter. Each of these profiles can be organized and streamlined so that your message is consistent across your author platform.
But why do I need an author platform or brand? A consistent message looks professional and provides focus in your marketing. There are various tools and ways to organise yourself to make the multitude of marketing tasks easier and less of a time suck. Hopefully, social media will eat up less of your energy and writing time. I have not covered marketing, as there are approximately a googleplex of books on this topic. It will however ensure that any marketing you do end up doing – the information will be accessible, and people – readers! – will get a smooth and consistent message about you and your writing.
What are my qualifications for all this? Rest assured, I have been where you are – alone and bewildered by all aspects of the internet and social media. I am new to the publishing business, and new to marketing. I am however a big fan of being organized, despite being a pantser when I write. As a new author, there were so many things I had to learn quickly, and that involved many hours of googling blogs, deciding what worked and what didn’t, and then trying to balance all that work with actually writing as well.
This book is my payback to the author community that gave me a hand – when I needed information, or guidance on some aspect of the internet or social media. I found help both with other authors via my publisher, and from Facebook groups and random strangers that became friends on Twitter.
Being organized takes the stress out of at least one aspect of your writing life. If Hollywood calls at the end of the month – you will be confident you are presenting an organized front to the world.

To read on, you should pick up your copy of The Organized Author

A Bite of… Cindy Tomamichel

(1) What do you think is the hardest aspect of being an author that need to be better organised?

I think sifting through all the advice online and deciding what works for you. I’ve described most of the things an author can do – but whether they can or should is dependant on their time and abilities. Being organized can help reduce the effort in some areas, but if you take on too much you really risk being overwhelmed and stalling your creativity.

(2) What have you learned from writing this book?

That some of the technical processes are much harder for some people than others. There is quite a difference between writing and marketing and setting things up like newsletters or profiles. A great deal of reluctance too – perhaps harking back to a golden age, when publishers organized everything, and all the author had to do was write and maybe attend a book signing of adoring fans!
For me personally, it is an interesting process to present information in a way that actually helps and is at the correct level of understanding.

(3) Tea or coffee, and served with what?

Having been a life long tea drinker, I often drink just as much coffee these days. Served with (far too often!) a biscuit, hopefully homemade. I tend to think that writers are composed mainly of caffeine and snacks – with a decorative layer of pet fur. The writer, not the snacks, although that happens too!

Cindy Tomamichel is a multi-genre writer. Escape the everyday with the time travel action-adventure series Druid’s Portal, science fiction and fantasy stories or tranquil scenes for relaxation. Discover worlds where the heroines don’t wait to be rescued, and the heroes earn that title the hard way. Cindy is also the fiendish mind behind the empire of The Organized Author. She is bent on world domination … hmm, sorry, did I say that out loud?  … making life easier for authors by sharing tips that can streamline their author platform.
You can find her on her own website, follow her on Facebook and Twitter, sign up for her newsletter or seek assistance with her author services.

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