A Clever Man

There was a clever man
Who had some clever plans
In his brain right behind his forehead
When they were good,
They were very very good
But when they were bad – life was horrid.

And one of the plans
Of this oh so clever man
Was to make a world in which we all could gain
But the cost to Mother Nature
Didn’t in his thinking feature
And the plans he made were thus all in vain.

And another of the plans
Of this very clever man
Was to right the wrongs that everyone endured
But the arguments go on
Who was right? Who was wronged?
And the real wrongs of this world remain uncured.

So although the plans 
Of every clever man
Might be meant to resolve each situation
Maybe the plans would do
If they listened to me and you
And understood the hearts of every nation.

E.M. Swift-Hook

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