Protagonist in the Hotseat of Truth – Arthur Rex Brittonum

Welcome to the Hotseat of Truth, a device in which your protagonist is trapped. The only way to escape is to answer five searching questions completely honestly or the Hotseat will consume them to ashes! 

Today’s Victim is King Arthur from Arthur Rex Brittonum by Tim Walker, an action-packed telling of the King Arthur story rooted in historical accounts that predate the familiar Camelot legend.


How much do you feel your life is ruled by destiny and how much is it your own to make as you chose?

I feel the weight of my destiny heavily on my spirit. I was told by Merlyn that I am the one true son of King Uther, but at first, I was doubtful. Once I had been convinced, I felt inadequately prepared to fulfil my destiny to be king of Britain, having been raised on a farm in isolation. However, I eventually embraced my destiny and resolved to learn the skills required to be a credible leader.

What is the hardest aspect of leadership you have had to face up to?

Decisions that affect people’s livelihoods, or indeed, their lives, are tough for leaders like me who care about the people. When facing an enemy in battle, I’m always concerned to come up with a winning plan that minimises loss of life. As a skillful and powerful warrior, I always lead from the front, doing my fair share of fighting. I lead by example.

If you could change one thing in your past, what would it be?

After defeating the Saxons at Badon Hill, I felt at the peak of my power. I settled into an easier life ruling by consent of the Briton tribes, each of which have their own identity and chiefs. Things were going well – I was contentedly married with three children. But then I met the Lady Guinevere. She was beautiful and glamorous, and soon I adored her. She persuaded me to send my family away, so she could move in as my queen. Too late I came to regret this. It had weakened my position as king, making me vulnerable to betrayal. I missed my family and my only solace was with my chaplain, Father Asaph, acknowledging I’ve made a mistake and praying with him for forgiveness and redemption. Unfortunately, I feel sure my doubts are impacting impact my judgement, and that means my problems can only increase.

What matters most to you?

The safety of my people is my main priority, and I spend much time making alliances and leading my men to battle against foreign invaders. My powerful sense of protective destiny overrides even my adoration for Guinevere, and I must face down my nephew, Mordred, in a battle for the kingdom.

If you had been born in a time of peace and plenty, what would you have wanted to do with your life? 

My life is defined by conflict. However, in my boyhood years, I was taught to read Latin by a priest, and encouraged to read Roman texts, including Cicero and the Life of Julius Caesar. My tutor had hopes that I would take holy orders and become a priest. Perhaps, in another time, I could have. 

Arthur portrait pic

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