If it were so easy then we’d never have the pain of trying
Those who win in life in any art speak of creative striving
When success is so much less of talent more of chance
They miss the four-leafed clovers they trampled in their dance.

One woman works for twenty years as hard as any could
To bring herself prosperity and sure, she does make good.
Another works another twenty more and twice as hard
But never gets to own her home or have her own back yard.

The lie is oft-repeated those who succeed deserve the best
They worked the most, did longer hours, drove themselves hardest.
But for every millionaire proclaiming hard-earned, self-made wealth
A million others, toil much harder, even breaking their health.

You can work a dozen jobs a day and still not have enough
To pave your path with luxury and avoid the rough
It’s not just hard work and talent paves the road to high success
It’s also what you know and who you know – and luck sees to the rest.

E.M. Swift-Hook

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