Author Feature:  Evalycer’s War by Margena Holmes

From Evalycer’s War by Margena Holmes. As Evalycer Nicholls gets more involved with a group trying to revolt against a corrupt government on the planet Startia, she struggles between wanting change and doing the right thing. 

“Who is this?” Ian asked.
“This is my trainee, Evalycer Nicholls,” Jax explained. “It’s her first day out in the field.”
“Well, Evalycer,” Ian said, facing the man again. “What do you think we should do with him?”
Evalycer didn’t want to get the man in trouble for thinking about committing a crime, but she needed to be trusted by the government. They were going to jail him no matter what she said, which only slightly abated her misgivings. She stated the facts.
“He was about to commit a crime,” she said, her voice steady. “I read his mind and he was going to give it to his wife without her knowledge. That is illegal.”
Ian smiled and turned to Jax.
“I like her!” Ian enthused, slapping the table. “Make sure she does more field work with you to get trained up. The last trainee we had was too wishy-washy.”
Ian turned back to the man.
“We’re going to have to hold you overnight for this.”
The man lowered his head and swore. Evalycer felt bad for the man, and this made her resolve to make the changes needed to get Atouu out of office. Thinking about committing a crime wasn’t the same as going through with it, but for now, she had to play by the rules.
“Jax, take him down to the holding area and process him. Take Evalycer with you. It’ll be a good learning experience for her.”
Ian stood up, shook Jax’s hand, and turned to Evalycer.
“Keep up the good work,” he said as he shook her hand.
“Yes, sir,” she said.
Ian left the room with the evidence as Jax put the binders back on the man and he and Evalycer took him down two floors in the elevator to the holding area. She watched as Jax filled out the forms on his tablet. It took about fifteen minutes to get everything taken care of, then she followed Jax as he took the man to his holding cell.
“We’ll let you contact your wife in about an hour,” Jax told him as he hit the button to shut the cell door. The man sat down on the cot in the cell. Head in his hands, he looked defeated and scared.
Evalycer took a long look at the man before following Jax back upstairs to the offices. This was Atouu’s government—arresting people before they committed a crime, or for even thinking about committing a crime. It made Evalycer nauseous.
“Good work, by the way,” Jax said, turning toward her as they ascended the stairs. “Ian hardly likes anyone. He hates when people don’t know their own mind. You answered him confidently and truthfully. You may have a new friend here.”
Wonderful, she thought sarcastically.
Evalycer wasn’t sure how she felt about the praise. She wanted to do well and be trusted, but she hated, absolutely hated what she had to do to get it. She was going to have to stop caring about her feelings and anyone else’s to get this job done.

A Bite Of… Margena Holmes

Would you rather be a hero or a villain? 

I think somewhere in between, like a gray/dark Jedi. Sometimes being good is overrated, but you don’t want to be totally bad, either. Just hints of darkness, which I think we all have in us.

What time of day do you write best?

I write best in the mornings and early afternoons. By about 3 or 4PM I’m done for the day unless I’ve gotten into the zone and the scenes are just flowing out. Then I’ll only stop once it’s time to make dinner for the family. I can’t write in the evenings anymore (I used to be able to stay up until 1 AM writing, but I’m old now. Ha ha!), I just get too fidgety. 

Have you ever written somebody you dislike into a book, just so you could make them suffer? 

I haven’t yet, but I have plans to write in the crazy Korean lady who owns the liquor store I used to work at.  Her catch-phrase (since women couldn’t bring their purses into the store because of theft) was “One bad person makes everybody suffer.” Well, she will suffer in the story, for sure. *wink*

Margena Adams Holmes has been writing ever since she can remember, writing her first poem in 1st grade. At her day job, when she’s not kicking young kids out of R-rated movies, she’s sweeping up spilled popcorn from the hallways and aisles (she’s not your mother, though, so please take your trash out). Her days off consist of writing science fiction, space opera, and more movie theater shenanigans. Reading is a close second to writing, and she normally has her nose buried in a book.

She has written for and Yahoo Contributor Network, where she earned a Top 500 award for her story on the Black Forest fires in Colorado. Margena loves all the Harry Potter books and movies, Star Wars, Star Trek, The Orville, The Crown, and the Los Angeles Kings. You can find her on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and her own Website.

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