Protagonist in the Hotseat of Truth – Selena Morisot

Welcome to the Hotseat of Truth, a device in which your protagonist is trapped. The only way to escape is to answer five searching questions completely honestly or the Hotseat will consume them to ashes! Today’s victim is singer Selena Morisot, also known as Selena M. Heroine of Aliens Crashed in My Back Yard and the upcoming My Spaceship Calls Out to Me, and Space Girl Yearning by Mike Van Horn.

Why did you become a singer? Were you following your passion?

Hah! I wish. When I was in college, my big brother got drafted into major league
baseball. He taunted me, “See, guys can leave school and make big money like this, but girls can’t.” I took that as a dare. I recorded this song we’d played around with, “Cotton Candy Lovin’,” and it became a hit. That launched my singing career. It’s still my most requested song, even though I’m sick of it.
My brother never did make it in the big show, but I’ve made enough money to buy my dream house up along the coast. So no, I didn’t go into singing as a passion.
But things changed. This funny looking alien crashed on my hillside, and we learned to communicate by singing. I called her Breadbox. She left her home world because she was not allowed to sing the songs most meaningful to her. She kept urging me to do the same—to sing from my heart. It took me a long time to get this. One night I dreamed of my namesake, the painter Berthe Morisot, and she said she only paints from her heart, all else is empty. This had a big impact on me. So, singing is my passion now—I always sing my heart song. And I miss Breadbox more than I can say.

You’re surrounded by men, yet you seem to have no romance in your life. What

Hey, I just got a proposal for marriage! *giggle* Don’t know if I’ll say yes; that must unfold in another story. Seriously, my singing career with all the touring got in the way of romance—at least with a man. Ever since Doug, my one true love, got tired of waiting for me and married somebody else. I don’t even remember her name. And zipping around other worlds in a spaceship also makes it tough for romance.
My life is full of romance—the romance of adventure. I know, it’s not the same.
On the other hand, I have great men in my life—men who aren’t looking at me for
romance. We’re just friends and collaborators, and they’re always there for me.

Did you ever feel squeamish being so close to all those strange-looking aliens?

Do you mean the time I got drunk and fell into the swamp where all the Fofonoloy were swimming, and in their rush to get away from me they brushed past me like a bunch of miniature hippos?
Or the night when I was awakened by what looked like a giant spider the size of an orangutan, and I screamed? Then I found out it had been sent to clean my room and do my laundry.
I still laugh about these, but I was terrified at the time. Squeamish and screamish. No, most of the time I was very comfortable around them, even when touching or embracing them. After all, they were busy saving my life. They are now some of my best friends. I’m hoping the people of Earth can accept them as I have.

If you had your life over and were forced to choose between space travel and
music – one without the other – which would it be?

Ah, this is so hard for me to answer. I don’t think I can choose. Look, I chose more than once to follow my passion for singing on Earth, but every time I got pulled into some other adventure in outer space. But when I was invited to come to Everbright and do a concert, I thought, wow, I can do both!
When I returned from my last adventure I had a quiet realization: I have been touched by the Infinite. I can never be happy staying put. And I can never give up my singing.

What is the one principle you would die for if you had to?

I never saw myself as one who would die for a principle. But when my best buddy Clay had terminal cancer while I was orbiting the Moon, I risked my life to pick him up from Earth because only the instruments on my spaceship Star Choice had a chance to eliminate his cancer. With Star Choice, I made a perilous dash down to Earth where I knew the Air Force was gunning for me. I got him and the cancer doc from the Stanford Med Center before zipping back into orbit. We saved his life!
So I guess you’d say I’d risk my life for my friends. That may not count as an abstract principle, but it’s a real life principle. I also did this for my alien friends. When I was on Sfofong, their world, I argued their case before their Elders who had threatened to kill me. They tried but I eluded them.


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