Coffee Break Read – Humans

We had humans here once. When they arrived, they were weak and lost and in need of our help and protection. The trouble was the humans couldn’t commune. They used odd sounds from their mouths to communicate with each other and when any iv’n’bos tried to commune with one, it would clutch its head and scream as if in agony.
Maybe it was. Maybe humans couldn’t commune.
So what to do with them?
In the Dark Season when nothing grew, they would all have died had not some iv’n’bo taken pity and left them food. But the gifts made no difference. The humans simply built an altar to some god and offered thanks there for the food gifts. As if they could not even conceive of the iv’n’bo offering help.
Some said they should be left to starve come the next Dark Season, but that would be against the Plan. The Plan spoke always of compassion for any sentient being and the iv’n’bo all believed and followed the Plan.
But the humans did not.
They had no compassion.
Despite the food gifts being plentiful, despite the bounty of the land and the trees being given freely to feed them if they reached out their hands to take it or stirred themselves to nurture the seeds in the soil. Despite all that, they armed themselves and went out slaughtering sentient creatures, laying them on their vile alter and devouring the burned flesh.
Then they forged blades.
They declared war on the iv’n’bo.
They left us no choice.
We had humans here – once.

E.M. Swift-Hook

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