Coffee Break Read – It Ain’t Always the Injuns

 When the Apaches overran the wagon train Agnes was afraid almost beyond speech.  She didn’t see what happened to her parents, but a man with face-paint and blood all over him grabbed her and dragged her across the withers of his running pony.
The next thing she really knew was when she awoke to the smell of woodsmoke. She was lying on a bed of furs and a woman wearing leather and beads was saying something she couldn’t understand, holding out a cup of something that smelled of herbs. Her head hurt and she drank the herbs before drifting back to sleep.
Coming around again she became aware of the sound of fighting. She heard screaming and shouting and the call of a bugle. The cavalry had arrived. She thought herself safe, though little could have been further from the truth.
Agnes didn’t know how long it was before the soldiers found her. When they did she could feel the heat of their eyes. Then a coarse voice spoke.
“Form an orderly line, boys. We may as well make use of her before we take her back to daddy. He won’t never know it warn’t the injuns…”
She couldn’t even protest, because her mouth was filled with rank tasting rags. She supposed this was what Papa had warned her about when he spoke of the lusts of men, and fat tears of both pain and shame dripped onto the earth floor.
No one would ever believe her.

©jj 2019

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