5 Star Golden Reads 2019

It’s that time of year again when we at the Working Title reveal our top twelve best reads of the year (yes it’s usually a top ten but this year there was so much good stuff we had to expand our horizons!). Please bear in mind that this list is not an exclusive list of all the great Indie books out there – or even all the great indie books we have read this year. It is a well-considered recommended reading list of books we have enjoyed in the last twelve months, consciously spanning genres and all books we have given 5 stars in a review.

The main thing is we recommend these books wholeheartedly and if you have yet to read them you should consider doing so if they are in a genre you enjoy.

So, onto the list. This is given in alphabetical order of author name and there is no ranking. All are stonking good reads!

The Working Title Blog 5 Star Golden Reads for 2019

Pussycats Galore by Stephanie Barr
Twenty tales that will change the way you look at cats.

Contact (Instinct Theory #1) by Ian Bristow
When the earth is dying humanity is faced with a terrible choice.

The Interspecies Poker Tournament: The Roshaven Case Files No. 27 by Claire Buss
Ned Spinks and Jenni are back with a new case to solve in Roshaven.

The Legacy of Pandora (Shan Takhu Legacy #1) by Eric Michael Craig.
Well researched hard sci-fi in which a mysterious discovery changes human destiny forever…

The Business of Bees by Chrys Cymri
Penny White’s ongoing adventures take her across the Atlantic.

Massachusetts by Warren Dean.
A racehorse finds himself racing to save the earth across a hostile, alien world.

Human Starpilots by Stephan Fabrice
Earth has just been invited to join the space-faring worlds – at the price of providing her finest young people to undertake the dangerous training to become starpilots.

Last Fight of the Old Hound (Lost Dogs Book 1) by Nils Ödlund
In this exceptional urban fantasy, a professional fighter is faced with a life-changing decision.

Druid’s Portal: The Second Journey by Cindy Tomamichel
Romance and time-travel when the son of a gladiator encounters the daughter of his parent’s most deadly foe.

Thrill Kings: The Size Of Minneapolis Upright by Rik Ty
An interdimensional rescue worker is tasked with making sure all the people in an area of Missouri are safely out of the way of a gigantic alien invader.

A Rose By Any Other Name by Jo van Leerdam
A brilliantly twisted fairy tale for grown-ups

Tempest Blades: The Withered King by Ricardo Victoria
A rollercoaster of blockbuster science fantasy, with elements of anime, steampunk and mythology.

And here’s to another year of great reading in 2020!

Jane Jago and E.M. Swift-Hook.

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