Author feature: Sam Nero PI by Jane Jago

Sam Nero PI is the creation of Jane Jago and a denizen of The Last City. A place where the past and the future come face to face as a prohibition-style private eye walks the mean streets of a dying world 

Welcome to his life…

When a dame whose everyday walk is as smooth and studiedly sexy as a big jungle cat, and whose make-up is as immaculate as a well-pressed designer suit, arrives in your office at a shambling run with her face all over tears and snot it’s a safe bet that something pretty bad is wrong.
I was lost in thought, with my feet propped on my desk and my hat tipped way down over my eyes, when my office door was thrown open in a dramatic fashion. I barely had long enough to wonder why in the hell my holographic door was now making an eldritch shriek, when Katie Scarlett O’Halleran and her exceptional bosom landed almost in my lap. She was crying, and her face was a mess.
She grabbed me by the lapels and tried to shake me.
“Sam. Sam. You have to come. Somebody has taken Daddy.”
I sat bolt upright and squared my shoulders. Anybody brave enough to mess with Mister Aitch was certainly a big fish, and I guessed I was about to go shark fishing. I grasped the sobbing girl by her slender shoulders.
“Calm down Katie Scarlett, and tell me what happened.”
“I already told you,” she all but screamed, “somebody has taken Daddy.”
“Details Katie, details.”
I gently compelled her to sit down, and held onto her until her chest stopped heaving and she took two steadying breaths. Then I got the bottle out of my drawer and poured her a stiff one. Her teeth chattered against the side of the glass, but the act of drinking calmed her almost as much as the bourbon.
“Daddy’s personal alarm sounded about an hour back. Me and the twins ran, but his office door was locked. When we broke the door down he was gone, and there was blood all over.”
“Okay,” I said, although I didn’t think anything was okay. “Where are the twins now?”
“Flirting with your holographic floozie. We set droids to watch on the office and came straight here.”

A bite of… Jane Jago

Question one: How did a classic American private eye come to find himself sharing an asteroid with the last remnants of mankind?

Well it’s not simple. Sam is no more precisely what he seems to be than are any of the other occupants of The Last City. The human race is hurtling towards extinction and those who know that choose to live lives of hectic pleasure seeking. Those with less options are a different matter.

Question two: Given the dystopian nature of this situation how come the stories are so upbeat?

It’s my contention that humans will always wring whatever pleasure they can from even the most distressing of situations.

Question three: Every story has a heart. What is the heart of Sam Nero’s story?

Ah. Yes. The heart. The heart of Sam’s story is love. Love which can never be consummated. Sam and his lady love can never physically touch….

Jane Jago lives in the beautiful west country with her big, silly dog and her big sensible husband. She spent the first half of her working life cooking and the second half editing other people’s manuscripts. Now she has the time to write down the stories that have been disturbing her sleep for as long as she can remember.

You can follow her on Goodreads, Facebook and Twitter.



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