Coffee Break Read – Woo-Woo Stuff

From Who Put Her In? a thriller with supernatural overtones by JaneJago.

There was one slice of steak pie left and some salad, so I put the pie on a warm plate and beckoned our young guest to the table. She took an experimental bite of pie, then dug in with enthusiasm. When she had finished she grinned.
‘Where did you get that pie? It was wonderful.’
‘Joss made it.’
‘Oh. Cripes. I clean forgot. Michelin starred chef and all that. But I don’t actually associate Michelin stars with proper food…’ Then she wound down and went bright pink. ‘Oops. Foot in mouth again.’
‘No’ I said ‘you’re all right. I happen to agree with you. So many places with Michelin stars are all style and no substance.’
Her smile returned. ‘We got took to that ginger bloke with the funny name’s place. I couldn’t eat half of it, and what I could eat was tiny-weeny. Me and my dad stopped for fish and chips on the way home.’ Ben started the laughter, and we all joined in.
When we had calmed down I patted Bethan on the head. ‘You’ll do. Fancy a chocolate brownie?’
She nodded ecstatically, and Ben fetched the cake tin and a plate and fork. Neil shoved the dish of clotted cream in her direction. She ate. Then grinned like the child she still was.
‘And that’s a lesson to me. I won’t sneer at Michelin starred chefs again. But I’ll still be suspicious.’
I laughed. ‘That’s a girl.’
She smiled happily, then sobered. ‘Joss. Just exactly how bad is whatever those two are facing out there?’
‘Tonight. Not bad at all I hope. Tomorrow morning could be another game of soldiers. Tonight they are looking for the bones of two women, both have been dead a long time and both are gentle souls…’
‘And tomorrow?’ she prompted gently.
Ben took over. ‘Tomorrow we really don’t know. We only have suspicions. But if we are even close to right there’s at least one girl who was murdered. Probably last year. And probably by being drowned in a well.’
‘Oh shit’ Bethan said bitterly. ‘I hoped I was imagining things.’ Then she started to sing in a thin, sad little voice. ‘Ding dong bell. Pussy’s in the well. Who put her in?
‘Who indeed’ Stella said softly.
Stella was very pale, and Bethan looked close to tears. I was casting around in my mind for a way to lighten the atmosphere, when Neil piped up.
‘Right you lot. Stop it now’ he said firmly. ‘Enough with the woo-woo stuff. It gives me indigestion.’
‘Not possible’ Stella said flatly. ‘You could fucking well digest an armchair.’


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