Author Feature – Worldview Art Book by James Ledger


‘Worldview’ is being prepared for publication sometime in the next year.

Q1: What is the concept behind the book? 

Worldview isn’t just an art book. It’s a depiction of the worldviews and belief-systems of the future, or at least what I envision them to be in my fictional world. Worldview is intended to be an encyclopedia of a twisted and corrupt futuristic Earth, where nations have been openly replaced by corporations, leaving little freedom to the populations who serve under them. The book will be packed with 200 pages of images and descriptions. Once Worldview is published, I intend to create a series of books to follow, all based on the worldview environment. These books will be in the same picture/text format, but will be more character-based, and will incorporate stories, plots, and adventures.

Q2: Where did you find the inspiration for the pictures?

I’m not entirely sure where my inspiration for the images comes from, as I seriously avoid ‘googling’ other imagery in case I regurgitate it. I watch all genres of film, listen to a lot of soundtrack music, and I look at a lot of structures in the city where I live. I also speak with lots of new people every day, mostly strangers, who tell me about their lives and struggles. Maybe all this adds up to what I produce..? I try hard to avoid generic stuff, as there’s way too much of it about, and it’s all been perfected many times over by numerous other artists.

Q3: What techniques did you use to create the pictures?

I paint everything from scratch in Photoshop, using a Wacom tablet and a 27″ iMac. I don’t know how to use any 3D software, and I’m too lazy to learn. I don’t plan anything, or sketch initial ideas as such, I just have a rough idea in my mind and start blocking in shapes to see where it all goes. For those who are familiar with Photoshop, I make heavy use of the lasso tools to create hard edges. Lately, I seem to have become keen on using lots of saturated colours.

James in his own words:

I was born on the Isle of Wight, and started to move around the UK from age 22, playing electric guitar, and working in Radio. Currently I live in Bristol, where I’ve lived for the last 14 years. I’m a self-taught artist, who exploited YouTube and ‘how to draw’ books, beginning about 10 years ago. I’ve been a professional concept artist for about 9 of those years, as I was lucky to get sporadic paid work early in my learning phase. I seriously miss the coast, and I’m convinced I’ll end up moving to Cornwall in the near future, where I’ll continue my art books and working for clients.

You can find James and admire his work on Facebook, Instagram, Deviantart and Artstation.

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