Jane Jago’s Daily Drabble – Three Hundred and Forty-Three

Draco leaned on the sticky wood of the bar.

“It’s not as much fun as it used to be.”

“What isn’t?” asked the bardragon. 

“The old eating virgins caper. If you can find one, chances are it has consumed so much takeaway food that it’ll give you indigestion!”

“I didn’t think you could still find them at all.”

“You can, but you have to know where to look.”

“Where’s that then?”

“Slimming clubs mostly.”

“Oh. Hence the indigestion.”


A bell rung and Draco sat up.

“Duty calls.”


“Nah. Knight in shining armour.”

As Draco flew away, he farted.

©jj 2019

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