My Best Friend Is Gone

This poem was a runner up in The Working Title Blog Second Anniversary Poetry Competition.

By Selena M, in memory of Breadbox

A dog is a man’s best friend.
My best friend is an alien.

She dropped in on my house one day
I truly thought she was there to stay.
Funny looking, could not talk
She hooted and chimed and honked and squawked.
How could we two with nothing in common
Develop such a bond?

Two years ago my best friend died
I miss her so. I wept, I cried.
As we sang together in my home,
She passed so quickly. I was alone.
How could somebody I loved so much
In a moment just be gone?

It’s two years now to the very day
So much has happened, so much
I talk with her most every day.
She is my crutch, my crutch
How can a being who’s only a ghost
Be with me on and on?

She died on my world, far from home.
I’m trapped on her world, far from home.
Will I ever be able to return?
She never wanted to return.
How will I ever get back to Earth,
Not die here all alone?

I honor her in my memory
No matter whatever happens to me.
We helped each other recapture our song,
To the tribe of True Singers we both belong.
She bequeathed to me this magical ship
I’ve used to take a cosmic trip.

How could we two with nothing in common
Develop such a bond?

Mike van Horn.

Mike van Horn advises small business owners, and writes science fiction. He thinks sci fi is a lot more fun! His first science fiction novel Aliens Crashed in My Back Yard, is Book 1 of the Agate and Breadbox trilogy.

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