Always There

This poem was a runner up in The Working Title Blog Second Anniversary Poetry Competition.

You rest silently,
waiting to cast your spell.
Always there,
to keep me feeling well.

Without my truest love,
life would be mundane.
I’d miss the part of me,
that’s always kept me sane.

For twenty long years,
you’ve filled my heart.
How could I have known,
I’d feel such for art?

Gears and strings and frets and pegs,
all bring joy to my face.
This amazing invention,
takes me to a special place.

My guitar is always there,
and I know it always will be.
Here’s to another twenty years,
filled by your beautiful music; all played lovingly.

Ian Bristow

Ian C. Bristow is the award-winning author of the Conner’s Odyssey trilogy. He has also written an urban fantasy novel, Hunting Darkness, and is working on another title. When he isn’t writing, he enjoys creating works of art and playing music (good food and a few beers with friends doesn’t hurt his feelings either).

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