Author Feature: ‘The Michigan Dogman Files’ by Derek Borne & Rowena Rede

From The Michigan Dogman Files by Derek Borne & Rowena Rede a YA superhero science fiction short which is available to preorder on Kindle.

Once they were outside, Thatcher directed them out back between the restaurant and a gas station.
A kitchen staffer taking a quick break ignored them. Smartphones were a spy’s best friend and he was deep into his social media, completely oblivious to the smart-dressed blond guy and the two costumed dudes he was talking to.
“Apparently the Ultimate Agency doesn’t believe in keeping a low profile,” Thatcher remarked, pointing to their supersuits.
“You like?” Devon stretched his arms back and forth. “I even sleep in this thing sometimes, it’s really quite comfy.”
Brett finished a morsel of chicken wing. “It’s a fibre of my design. If you ever need one for a mission, or—”
“Thanks, I’ll pass.” By now, Thatcher wished he had a drink—and not the kind you’d get in a pizza place.
Devon tore another bite off his slice. “It’s soft and stretchy, though. Plus, it doesn’t chafe against your you-know-what area—”
“Thaaaat’s enough.” A vein in Thatcher’s forehead began throbbing. Shadow Net training had literally beat stealth into him and he couldn’t fathom an agency that showed up in costume and acted so casual with civilians. He wondered if they would have told the hostess what they were really doing there if he hadn’t intervened.
“Heck no, we wouldn’t needlessly involve civilians.” Devon locked his serious brown eyes with Thatcher as he waved his slice for emphasis. “This pizza…is excellent by the way. Next time, we’re getting the Hawaiian. Bet it’s equally good.” After wiping his hands quickly on his supersuit and extended one to Thatcher. “I’m Devon, by the way, also known as the Ultimate Agent.”
Wary, Thatcher extended his hand.  Did that guy just…read my mind? “Park Thatcher.”
Brett chimed in, “How about we don’t use our psychic powers on new acquaintances, Dev. This guy looks jumpy.” Then he extended his hand to Thatcher. “Brett, codename’s the Specialist. Nice to meet you, Park.”
“Call me Thatcher. Park is what my mother calls me. So listen, did you get briefed on the mission before you got here?”
Brett narrowed his gaze and cleared his throat as he worked a bit of wing meat out of his bottom molars.
Meanwhile, Devon finished his food and managed to toss its crumpled remnants into the recycling bin behind him.
Thatcher wasn’t going to admit it, but Devon had made a pretty impressive shot. He’d managed to sink it without even turning his head.
Arms folded, the Ultimate Agent gave Thatcher a determined stare, ready for business.
Brett spoke first. “Our director wasn’t privy to much intel. We’re acting on good faith that Shadow Net is an ally and that you’ll tell us what’s going on.”
Thatcher stood tall and squared his shoulders. “How much do you know about the Michigan Dogman legend?”

A Bite of… Derek Borne & Rowena Rede

Q1: What do you  like best about collaborating in writing a book?

RowenaI enjoyed working with an established author. DB has been very helpful in regards to teaching me the ropes, plus it was just fun working with someone who likes the same things you do.

Derek – I like the fact that you get to take two writing styles and mesh them together. In this case, it’s a lot of fun to take characters from each of the author’s universes and do a crossover. Who doesn’t love crossovers?

Q2: What was the hardest aspect of the collaboration?

RowenaFor me, I think it was hard to get inside the minds of Derek’s characters. They’re already established and so different from Thatcher (my character) that I would often pause in writing scenes and think, “How would DB handle this scene?” Or, “Would Devon really say that?” Ultimately though I enjoyed the whole process and I hope Derek did too. 

Derek – I have to agree with Rowena. Getting into the head of her character Thatcher took a bit of imagination, even after given some direction from her of how he carries himself, how he would react. But that’s also the fun of co-writing. You get to share ideas and figure out how you can develop a character in ways neither of us would’ve thought before, even when it comes to my own guys. 

Q3: What is your favourite fast food and why?

RowenaChinese take out. I’m a sucker for shrimp and vegetable lo-mein and dumplings. We have one Chinese cuisine restaurant in our area and I have them on speed dial. It’s good comfort food and it tastes even better after it’s been in the refrigerator overnight.

Derek – When I’m in a pinch, there’s a place 5 minutes from my house that makes smoothies, buddha bowls, and everything is sugar-free, dairy-free and gluten-free. Now everyone’s gonna think I’m some kind of hippy… Ooooooh, he’s one of thoooooose people. 😛

Rowena Rede

Rowena Rede lives on a small farm in rural West Virginia. She’s an avid pop culture and book enthusiast. She misses the good old days when she had her own pull list at the local comic book shop in the next county. A self-professed curmudgeon who loves reading and writing Historical, Science Fiction, Paranormal, Horror, and Urban Fantasy books when time allows. She is quite proud of her humongous TBR Pile which will never be finished much like her Netflix queue. She always has time for a good meme and has never turned down a carbohydrate. If you also enjoy these things, feel free to follow her on social media.

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Derek Borne

Derek Borne lives in Paris, Canada (thought it was going to say France, right?) with his wife and moody bearded dragon Ziggy. When he isn’t writing superhero spy novels, he’s belting out Phantom of the Opera, playing his guitar, and watching Marvel superhero movies and TV shows, playing hockey, and making movie references daily.

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