Reach For The Stars

It’s not only when you travel in your dreams
Borne up aloft on strange, fantastic, streams
Where nothing ever is exactly as it seems
And all is gold that ever brightly gleams.

Reach for the stars and you’ll have them in your grasp
But you can not know what you seek to clasp
For each twinkled point will burn and cut and rasp
And learning that cold truth can impact so you gasp.

‘Cos oft what we need is not what we desire
Hearts are seldom ruled by dreams which inspire
Instead, tainted by greed, of what we can acquire
Not by the high ideals to which we should aspire.

So cast out your net as you glide through the stars
But keep your eyes peeled for what those really are
And know what seems beautiful and lovely from afar
Might be a nightmare that forever your life mars…

E.M. Swift-Hook

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