Write A Poem to Help Us Celebrate Our Second Anniversary!

Two years ago the infant Working Title blog fell into the world! Since then we have grown into a pudgy toddler who lands flat on her bottom every other step and usually has mucky fingers and a huge grin. We have gathered momentum as we have grown and kept to our original mission statement of providing a short read every day to go with your coffee or tea break. Now as we reach around 1000 views a month, we ask you to join us and celebrate!

The First Working Title Blog Poetry Competition for our Second Anniversary!

Poetry has been a part of our regular programme since we started. Nowadays you can find poems on the Working Title blog every  Saturday and Sunday. But we don’t often get to feature poems by other authors. This contest aims to remedy that!

Grand Prize!

Aside from the kudos of carrying off the poets’ laurels and having your poem hailed as the winning entry, if you win you will be offered an ‘Author Feature’ on the Working Title blog to showcase and help promote your writing. The winner can also choose any ebook published by Jane Jago or E.M. Swift-Hook.

The Judges.

That would be us Jane Jago and E.M. Swift-Hook. We both write poetry and you can check out the kind we write if you scroll back through the blog a bit.

How to enter:

(1) Write a poem on the broad theme of ‘anniversaries’. It can be about celebrating or commemorating something. It can be joyous or bitter, a comedy or a tear-jerker. It can be any form of poetry – from a limerick or a haiku, to a sonnet or a ballad, anything in between or completely free-form. We might draw the line at epic poetry though…
You can submit a previously written poem that fits the theme provided that it is free from any legal/copyright encumbrance that would prevent it from being posted on this blog.

(2) Submit your entry to the Working Title blog. To do this, send us your entry by carrier-pigeon or snail mail, PM or loud-hailer. Or you can use our Contact Page. Just paste your poem into the ‘Comments’ box. We do need a working email so we can contact you if you win.

(3) Closing date is 24 July 2019 and the winning poem will appear on the blog on 5August together with a list of all the finalists. The winner will be offered an Author Feature on the blog and may choose a prize of any one ebook published by Jane Jago or E.M. Swift-Hook and will be emailed a .mobi of the book of their choice.

(4) All poems listed as finalists will be shared on the blog over the next two to three months. You will be emailed in advance to tell you when your poem will be appearing on the blog.

NB: By entering we assume you are granting us permission to reproduce the poem in one post on the Working Title blog.

If you have any questions, please leave them as a comment on this post and we’ll get right back to you to answer it!

Huge thanks from Jane Jago and E.M. Swift-Hook to all those who have contributed to the Working Title Blog thus far, whether as guests or as readers. Here's to the next year!

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