Coffee Break Read – The Cracksman Family

Having featured as our Sunday Serial over the last two years, The Cracksman Code by Jane Jago is now available to pre-order as an ebook.

A few hundred miles south, on the downs outside Brighton, the Cracksman family was gathered around a much-scarred table in Grandma’s enormous kitchen. Everyone cradled a huge mug of viciously strong tea.
“So. What’s the plan?” Jim Cracksman senior dunked a ginger biscuit in his tea.
“Well. I ain’t happy with that school,” Jim junior growled. “How they can mislay a child and not notice…”
“We aren’t surprised,” Cy spoke for the twins. “It used to be a really good school, but the new head teacher don’t have any time for Pikeys. She wants them all out.”
“Even though more than half her roll are Cracksman kids?”
“Even though,” Matt shook his head. “She is that prejudiced, and that stupid. We was about to talk to you about finding some place else for the little men. Couldn’t you talk big school into classes for younger kids?”
“Probably could,” Jim senior scratched his armpit. “But is it that bad?”
Charlie raised his head from his tea mug.
“It is. It don’t bother me. But it has been getting to Bill. He tries to protect me, coz I’m little. But I’m tougher than him. Ask Dad.”
Jim cuffed him lovingly.
“Yeah. I had to get Charlie here to promise not to tell the head teacher to fuck off.’
“But what’s her problem with a five-year-old boy?” Grandma Cracksman sounded deeply annoyed.
“Oh. I expect it’s because he is so clever,” Patsy said. “It gets on my tits at times. And I’m his mother.”
“Even so. She has a duty of care. And she failed.”
“She did. She and the staff in charge of this exchange trip. Six staff and twelve kids. They should’ve noticed Bill was missing. And they should’ve checked.”
Matt frowned.
“But they never. Though we do have one question. How did the stupid little sod let himself get took? I mean, he knows better…”
“They didn’t entice him,” Jim said in a voice of deep disgust. “They used violence.”
“But he’s only seven,” Cy expostulated. “The bastards.”

From The Cracksman Code by Jane Jago which is out on 22 June and is available for preorder now!

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