Coffee Break Read – Lap of the Gods

Fargo wondered what it was that he had done to displease the gods.
All his life he had served them faithfully and well, to the fullness of his ability. He had mastered their complex teachings and worked hard to be obedient to their every command. Thus had he had walked when he would rather have run. He had waited when his whole heart wanted to leap in. He had set aside his own desires to serve their will.
It had not always been easy, but in return the gods had always rewarded him for cleaving to their ways. As the years passed, kept close in their love, he had lived in their sacred precincts, protected from harm and never had to face a cold bed or an empty stomach.
But now things had changed.
There was pain in his bones and the gods did not relieve it. He sat before them, prostrated himself in the way he had learned from the teachings of the gods themselves, but to no avail.
What had he done to offend them?
Why did they punish him?
Fargo could not understand and could only keep trying to show the gods his love and devotion in the hope that they might soften their hearts and release him from the pain. Finally, greatly daring, he laid his head in the lap of the god and looked up in silent prayer. The touch of the god was on his head and for a moment he had hope. For a moment he thought he was forgiven.
The god spoke. “You’re a good old dog, Fargo.”
But the pain remained and the god turned his face away to watch the moving pictures in the corner of the room once more.
Fargo slunk from the presence of the gods, despair settling deep in his heart.

E.M. Swift-Hook

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