Author Feature: Technology Gone Mad, edited by Philipp J. Kessler

Technology Gone Mad is the first sci-fi anthology from Saturn Returns Publishing and is out now.

Cell phones, computers, industrial machines… They all seem to develop a mind of their own after a while. This collection of shorts will focus on technology going totally mad on us. A possessed cell, a computer that has gained its own intelligence, an industrial mixer that decides to rewrite recipes. Anything and everything could happen in these stories. Humor, horror, gore, and more

Proof – The Foolproof System – Terri A. Wilson

At Meadow Lawn Medical Acres, we strive to offer the best hospital care for all our patients. Our award-winning facility and board-certified medical staff create a cohesive foolproof environment that promises the best health care available. (Just don’t lose your I.D. bracelet.)

Wires Crossed – Purea Omallia

What happens when AI companions have an emotional breakdown? Carly, Joe, and Bryant are about to find out!

House Hostage – Jeff Ducker

Haven’t you always wanted to have a smart house? This story might change your mind on that. William and his AI housekeeper don’t quite see eye to eye.

I Want My Money Back – Cynthia Staton

Machines have feelings too. Lexi Carter finds that out one morning while already running late to work. It is amazing how things work out depending on you react to the machines. Will it be painful or miserable? Will it be a love connection?

We Are Toast – Chandra Trulove Fry

Charlie was a tech-savvy bachelor who knew how to show respect to everything, including his machines. He loved buying old things and making them new again. Things start to get interesting when he buys a toaster that insists on being painted purple. Next thing you know the world is in chaos as machines start to stand up for themselves. Can Charlie convince them that they can live side by side? Or is everyone toast?

Ear-Jacked! – C.L. Williams

Introducing the newest in smartphone technology! Meet the Deluxe Elite XL and all it comes with! Tech firm founder and CEO Cleve Hobbs has something new up his sleeve. Something you’ll just die to have!

Too Smart for His Own Good – Philipp J. Kessler

Gabe works in a cubicle farm at the world’s leading technology firm when he gets invited down to R&D for a meeting. What he learns deep in the bowels of the tech firm’s sub-basements will change his life and all of humanity forever.

Holographic Love-Hate – Maggie Lowe

It is the year 2045 and everyone has holographic systems integrated into their homes. Callie’s home is no different. Her parents allowed her to customize it to however she wanted it to be. She called it Jaxon and made him look like her favorite actor. Like any other teenager, she took advantage of her hologram and would often tease it. That is until her parents disappear and she suddenly wakes up in a strange room.

Human Demise – Draevnn Motkova

Demise is defined as the termination of existence, and this is what the planet faces when challenged by an unseen and expected enemy. Before there is time to react people kill people and fear sweeps the planet. After an attack of such magnitude, how can the Human Demise not follow?

AI From Hell, a Horror Story – Paige Clendenin

What if technology had a mind of its own?
Our parents had died at the hand of their very own creations, and we were left to suffer the hell they had created. We would have endured the torture until death, but when we uncovered the bots plan for world domination and saw the murders on the news to match, we knew we had to take things into our own hands…and we knew the bots needed to be destroyed.

Technology Gone Mad is out now!

A Bite of...  Philipp J. Kessler
Q1 – How much of what you write could be classed as therapy?

Much of my own writing is a form of therapy. I can admit that. I often include personal dramas in a way that helps me to rectify the situation in a fun – I hope – and entertaining way.

Q2 – Have you ever written somebody you dislike into a book, just so you could make them suffer?

Well… I suppose so. I have based characters on people I know. At least their personality traits. Sometimes I make them suffer – BIG TIME! – and other times I use them to move the story along. I try not to Mary Sue my characters. My own series, Dark of the Moon, New Beginnings, includes characters based on people I know, but only loosely. I’ve not killed any of them off. Yet.

Q3 – Why do you write?

I write to tell the stories in my head. If I were in it for money I would be on the wrong career path. Money is nice, but not the reason I write. I’m multi-genre, so writing lets me experiment with new ideas in many different ways. Including nonfiction.
Saturn Returns Publishing is a small publishing label that I started to get my projects out to the word and help other small and indie authors get their projects out there in the best way I can.

Philipp is a multi-genre author and publisher. He’s included in several fiction and non-fiction collections and has three books out in the Dark of the Moon, New Beginnings series. He is also a radio and podcast personality.  He spends his days and nights in service to his feline overlords and neck deep in entertainment media.

You can find him on FacebookBookBubTwitter and Instagram, or sign up for his newsletter.


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