Author feature: Sentinel’s Rise by Yvette Bostic

Sentinel’s Rise the book that follows on from Yvette Bostic's Light in the Darkness Series, is out tomorrow.  

Before the world goes to Hell

“I think you should come with us, Sara,” Andrew said. “When was the last time you were at the beach?”
“Let’s see,” Sara replied. “Three years ago, and we had to pay Weasel five-hundred dollars to feed the horses.”
“But it was worth it,” Andrew insisted. 
Darian watched a smile slide across her face, and he knew a barrage of sarcasm was imminent. He leaned against the tree behind him and smiled.
“Oh, yes! Watching a bunch of old men with pot bellies and farmer’s tans fall off their surf boards was hysterical. You guys should’ve gotten paid for the entertainment.”
She set her coffee cup on a wicker table and rubbed her chest. Darian straightened and almost left, but Andrew continued the conversation as if he didn’t notice her discomfort.
“I’m not old,” he argued. “I’m just a little seasoned.” 
He grinned at his wife, and she returned his smile. He reached for her hand, the one hovering just below her neck, and took it in his.
“Get that looked at while I’m gone,” he said, his blond eyebrows furrowing. “It’s too high to be your heart, but acid reflux is serious and very treatable.”
“I will, I promise,” she replied, smiling gently. “Will you come home before going to the airport tomorrow, or are you going straight from work?”
“Probably straight from work,” Andrew said, still holding her hand. “I’ve only got three hours between end of shift and the plane taking off. I think I’d rather wait at the airport than take a chance of missing my flight.”
“Good idea.”
Darian’s stomach rolled. She would be alone if the demons attacked. Andrew wasn’t a fighter, but he would do everything he could to protect her. His thoughts wandered back to the note Stephen found at the Citadel; it was still in his pocket. Did Zar’Asur know where Seraphina was? He had to assume so. Could he spare one of his scouts to watch her home? If he knew for certain that the UN meeting wasn’t at risk, he would have one of them stay. 
Indecision rolled through him as he watched his Sentinel rise from her wicker rocker and go inside, rubbing her chest once again. He now regretted each time he stepped back from taking Seraphina. The Council needed the strength of the Watcher and Sentinel bond, and Darian failed them. 
Even as he teleported back to Chicago to collect his weapons and prepare for the coming battle, the burn in Darian’s chest didn’t subside.

If you enjoyed this extract and have not yet read the series, you can begin your journey with Light’s Rise. For current readers, Sentinel’s Rise will be available on Kindle Unlimited upon release and for the first week will be on sale for $1.99. After the first week, the price will go back to $3.99.

A bite of... Yvette Bostic
Question 1: How much of you is in your hero/villain?

I believe a little of me is in all my characters. My heroes get my best attributes, along with those things I wish I could be. My villains get my worst characteristics, along with all the stuff my demented imagination can come up with. My husband has accused me of putting too much of myself into Seraphina, the main character in Sentinel’s Rise. I might be a tad sarcastic, a little stubborn and sometimes irrational, but not as much as my main character. It’s my story; I can tell it however I want!

Question 2: Would you rather live in this world or the one you create in your books?

That’s a hard question. I really like my life as it is, regardless of any hardships that stumble my way. But I’d sure love to be able to teleport anywhere I want. Having magic in the world would be cool and terrifying. I don’t believe humanity is capable of wielding power without corruption. We can’t do it now without magic.

Question 3: Chocolate cake or coffee cake?

Is Chocolate-coffee cake an answer? I love both and putting coffee and chocolate together is amazing. I could love one without the other, but why would I? Unless there is an evil plot to remove chocolate from the world. Or coffee! I don’t even want to think about it.
Example- Dunkacchino.

Yvette has been a passionate reader for decades, but her writing interests didn’t surface until her youngest son left home to join the adult world. The Empty-Nest Syndrome assaulted her with relentless fury, and she fought back with a surprising determination of her own. She’s now deeply entrenched in the lives of her characters and strives to bring their hopes, dreams, pain, losses, and success to her readers. You can find her on Facebook, Twitter and her own webpage.


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