On the Throne? Flash Sale

If your world is short on giggles 
If your poor brain moans and wriggles
If you’re feeling bored
If your head is not amused
Abused by idiots on the news
If you feel ignored
This little book I’ll recommend
In solitude it is your friend
If you take it home
It’s on the Zon – a tiny price
Get your copy, don’t think twice
Order ‘On the Throne?’

Jane Jago offers you the perfect book for your ‘throne room’. Still unconvinced? Here’s a tiny sample of the comfortable madness this little book shares…

You are old so you shouldn’t bedazzle
You should be both faded and frazzled
It shouldn’t be you
With a Harley (brand new)
And a Swarovski Crystal vajazzle


It ain’t all beer and skittles 
The sun don’t always shine
Some days winter dribbles
And you run fresh out of wine

It ain’t champagne and chocolate 
Coz them things make you fat
You’re gonna have the odd regret
You can be sure of that

It ain’t all beer and skittles
And I ain’t the perfect wife
And if the sweet brings bitter
Well, that’s just the way of life

And just to sweeten the pill further the book is on ‘special offer’ for one week only.

April 8-15: eBook 99p; tree book £3.25


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