This is the Multi Genre Newsletter you have been searching for!

Multi Genre Readers  is everything you want a newsletter to be – entertaining, informative and full of fascinating ideas. It covers a range of interesting topics and explores many genres.

The first issue includes, amongst other diverse topics, articles on magical weaponry, book piracy, food and drink in the 1700s, 3D printing buildings – and a review from  Cindy Tomamichel – the woman coordinating this project – of ‘Out of the Soylent Planet‘ by Robert Kroese.

Other pieces include:

You can imagine the scene as the area around the domed spaceport in on a newly settled world is dug out by automated earth shifters and quickly filled with a solid foundation material. Then streets are laid out in a regular grid by the construction gantries, leaving a cross-hatch lattice on the landscape. Finally, those giant gantries straddling the roads, make their stately progress, 3D printing layer after layer to create an entire building before moving on a pre-programmed distance to print another. Rinse repeat and you have an entire city in a very short time.

From ‘The Science Fact Behind The Science Fiction – Printing Houses’ by E.M. Swift-Hook.


An immense amount of research goes into the writing of an historical novel, be it romance or otherwise. Quite often, a lot of the most fascinating minutia never make it into the novel. While I was writing Three Star Island, a time travel romance set on the coast of the Carolina colony during 1721, I became captivated with the complex nature of trade between the English colonies stretching from parts of Georgia and northward, and the Spanish colonies to the south. What interested me the most was the impact piracy had on the exchange of goods between nations.
Especially food.
Rum, tea, and spices – the lifeblood of the colonies and the stock in trade for a pirate.

From ‘Old Time Food’ by Kat Caulberg

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