On The Throne?

On the Throne? is a little book of contemplation from Jane Jago, offering life in limericks and incidental verse. It is out today in both eBook and tree book.

Themes include…


You are old so you shouldn’t do that
You should only like knitting. And cats.
It shouldn’t be you
With a brand-new tattoo
Making love on an old yoga mat


A beauty both gentle and soft
Was going to marry a toff
He wanted to spank her
She called him a wanker
And now the engagement is off


Freda and Bill went up the hill
To the shop at the end of the street
They bought syrup for chills
Viagra pills
And corn pads for Freda’s sore feet


On the Throne? is a worthy and hilarious addition to anyone's throne room courtesy of Jane Jago,

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