The Companion Quill

The Companion Quill is here to help you wherever you are in your writing journey.

As a Writing Companion…

The thing about writing is it is a lonely road. You often don’t realise you have wandered off the track until you tumble down a plot hole.
But it doesn’t have to be like that.
Not if you have a Writing Companion.
Someone who is as invested in your story and your characters as you are, who will be there to discuss the ideas or offer suggestions as the story shapes up…but you keep full creative control.
Someone who will share the highs and lows of character and plot development – bounce ideas around with you and edit over your work between writing sessions so you are good to go the next time.
Someone who will have plot holes unearthed before your world sinks into one.
Someone who will critique and improve – help you recognise those ‘darlings’ you may have to slay, but of course it is in your hands if you do or not.
Imagine if instead of waiting to complete your manuscript before it is appraised, edited or published, there was someone who could work with you throughout the process. An editor steps in when the task is finished and consolidates the whole to their own way of working. As your Writing Companion, I can be there through the journey and work with you to give your voice its full strength.

As an Author Mentor…

If you are near the start of your writing journey and are looking to develop your style and learn how to improve ‘on the job’ rather than having to step away and take classes, why not consider having your own Author Mentor?
As your mentor, I would be with you every step of the way, from the first stirrings of a plot idea, through world building and character development. I can offer ongoing advice as you write, help to hone your prose and enhance your writing voice.
Learn how to develop characters as you write them, how to world build as you build your world, and how to use and choose language as you do so.
With the aid of a personal Author Mentor, you can become a more competent and readable writer as you explore your own writing style and tell your own story.

As an Assistant Author…

Maybe you have a story you to tell, your life story for your grandchildren or a wonderful fictional story that has been in your head for years but you have no idea of how to put it onto the printed page.
As an Assistant Author, I will help you take your story and turn it into a book. Working closely with you, I can find the words you need to bring your story into the world, ready to be edited and published.
Whether you feel you need the whole story written for you or would like to write it yourself with assistance is entirely up to you and the intensity of the support offered is yours to decide.

The Companion Quill

For most writers, the first time anyone else becomes involved in their writing project is once it’s complete. Then it is read by someone else, often an editor or a beta reader, at which point any input can feel more like a deconstruction process than any sort of progression. There are many advantages to inviting someone in to share in the writing process much earlier with any book or story. Wherever find yourself in your writing journey, The Companion Quill can offer you the lift you are looking for.

E.M. Swift-Hook

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