Our Books Are Not Free

A flavour of Who Put Her In? by Jane Jago. Just one of the books that isn’t free...

…not a word to the gruesome twosome until we have everything settled. Speaking of whom…”
My ears caught the sound of small bare feet on parquet, then came a polite tap on the door.
“Mummy, Daddy, it’s Roz. May me and Ali come in?”
Ben went and opened the door, as the latch was too high for them to reach. They beamed up at him and dashed over to me.
“Have you got treats, Mummy?”
“Might have.”
The girls scrambled up onto the bed and surveyed the bedside table with some interest.
“Cappuccino,” Ali said with some satisfaction, “and chocolate biscuits. It’s a good job we came in time to help you Mummy.”
I couldn’t help laughing, and Ben’s face was filled with unholy glee as the twin tyrants stacked his pillows against the carved wood of the headboard before sitting back expectantly.
“Please Mummy and Daddy,” Roz was scrupulously polite, “may Ali and me have a biscuit.”
I held up my hands in defeat and gave each of them a chocolate digestive. They sat side by side eating tidily and carefully, with expressions of absolute bliss on their small faces. They are not identical twins, but they are very alike, both have smooth blonde hair, and peachy fair skin, but while Roz has her father’s startlingly blue eyes Ali has inherited dark brown from me, which is arresting against her hair and skin. I sipped my coffee and just watched them, thinking how lucky I was to have two perfect daughters after years of failing to conceive. Ben must have read my thoughts because he came and stood behind me rubbing my back through the fine cotton of my jammies jacket. The girls finished their biscuits and looked hopefully at me. I handed over the last third of my coffee, which they shared with careful fairness holding the cup in gentle hands and scraping out every inch of froth with a teaspoon. When they finished, Ben took the cup.
“Thank you Daddy.”
I stretched until my bones popped.
“Time for a shower. You two showering with me this morning?”
They beamed and scrambled off the bed, heading for my bathroom as quickly as possible. Presumably so I wouldn’t have time to change my mind. Ben grimaced.
“Darn it. I was just working up to a quickie in the shower.”
“Were you? Oh dear. That would have been a good kickstart to the day…”
I batted my eyelashes and gave the little wriggle he could never resist. He grinned, with a hint of retribution at a later date in the back of his eyes, before ambling into the bathroom to collect his towel and shower gel.
“I’ll just go use the twosome’s shower then shall I?” He turned back in the doorway with his face full of laughter. “They are sitting naked in the bath, batting their lashes at the bubbles.”
I grinned and went to break the news that it was a shower and a hair wash. 

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