How to write like Jane Jago

How to write like...

Q&A with indie author Jane Jago

Give us the tl;dr of your life.
Chef turned magazine editor. Retired and got more time to be an author. I’m finding retirement suits my temperament entirely.

How do you think your writing style has changed over the years?
I think I have mellowed a little. Less enfant terrible, more amused observer.

Which famous author’s work would you say your writing style resembles the most?
Miss Austen with added cuss words.

Have you ever collaborated with other writers?
I regularly collaborate with my friend E.M. Swift-Hook on the Dai and Julia Mysteries. These are murder mysteries set in modern-day Britain, but one where the Roman Empire still rules almost all of Europe.

How did it impact your style?
It sort of impacts on my writing style, but only insomuch as is necessary to meld seamlessly together with another writer. Except that she reins…

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