Coffee Break Read – Drone Attack!

The whole thing rolled on for another cycle, with its own momentum, setting their agenda, pushing them further into places they didn’t want to be and forcing them to fight to hold ground they had never wanted to conquer. But whilst Jaz was aware that he and Blondie could see some purpose in it all, knowing why they were gridlocked into the ‘City, Avilon was just getting restless.
“We got that stake yet?” he asked, as they walked to the doors of one of the upmarket casinos now under the dominion of Durban Chola. “The one we were going to earn so we could leave? Or are we staying here — doing this — until, whenever?”
Jaz mustered a grin of sorts. He could wish Avilon would choose his moments better. This visit to Tolly Hagen was long overdue and they had a few important matters to discuss regarding some missing back payments from his upmarket nightclub. They needed to be focused on that.
“We’re getting there, but right now I need —”
The mini-drone shot burned into Avilon’s shoulder. Even as he went down, Jaz had the thing sited and fired to clip it out of the air.  A classic Special’s technique, the kind where you either learned to do things the low-tech way or you died trying. Then he was moving for the cover Avilon had already rolled into, a small alcove in the decorative collonaded facade around the main doors into the building.
“If they have more of them —” Avilon started.
“Then we’ll have a busy time, brother,” Jaz told him. “How’s the shoulder?”
“Not good.”
Jaz made his decision.
“Let’s get out of here. We’ll sort this bastard another time.”
No one tried to stop them leaving and Jaz linked to the man they had been going to talk to as soon as they were heading back to the mansion and it’s small clinic.
“Jaz, my friend, You were supposed to be here by now. Where are you?”
“Your drone missed, Tolly. But I won’t.”
“Drone? That wasn’t me, Jaz.” The other man was suddenly sounding frightened. “Why would I set you up for something?”
“It was on your doorstep Tolly, don’t pretend you knew nothing about it ’til I just told you. Your security would have seen it and should have shot it out the air long before it got near me.”
“Jaz — you have got to believe me. I didn’t know. Give me a couple of days I’ll find out what happened — please, Jaz. This is not my doing.” He was close to tears from terror.
Jaz thought a moment.
“This time tomorrow Tolly. And that’s the biggest favour anyone ever loaned you.”
“I know. Thank you, my friend, you will not regr —”
Jaz cut the link.
“What is that about?” Avilon asked.
“I don’t know. But I’m not going to play games around it. I’m getting us in some military quality hardware. Armament belts. Weapons. If people want to get in my sandbox they can start paying the price on the door to do so.”

From Haruspex: Edge of Doom by E.M. Swift-Hook a Fortune’s Fool book. 

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