Author feature – An Extra Topping of Horror by Darrell B Nelson

An Extra Topping of Horror by Darrell B Nelson is a comedy for those raised on cheap horror movies. It takes all the horror tropes and puts a weird twist on them.

This description comes from Stephanie Flores’s review:

‘An Extra Topping of Horror’ is a B-horror movie written out in novel form. Brian is a pizza-delivery man who does not let aliens, demons, etc, faze him and teams up with a time-traveling physicists through countless adventures that are extremely reminiscent of pop-culture and horror movies from the past.’

Brian looked to his right to see an enormous orchid with a stem over 6 feet tall, the flower bulb on top was larger than Brian’s head.
Brian was too shocked to move as the orchid wrapped a root around his shoulders and the enormous flower bulb shot towards his head. It moved towards him too quickly for him to react and all he could think was that becoming plant food was a fitting end to his strange life.
Brian took a deep breath so that at least he could die with some dignity when the menacing bulb slowed at the last minute to gently rub against Brian’s cheek. He could have sworn the plant was purring.
Brian used his free hand to reach up and softly stroke the flower. It responded by wiggling back and forth and rubbing up against Brian. It was definitely purring now although Brian couldn’t see where the purr was coming from.
“Well, That didn’t go as planned,” the owner of the greenhouse said.
“You figured the plant would eat me, didn’t you?” Brian asked.
“Well, um.” The owner stared at the ground. “She likes meat.”
“You’ve been too afraid of her to get close enough to know she loves attention?” Brian slowly stroked the attention-starved plant, the old real estate agent in him noticed that there was a phone right next to Audrey, a plus for an outbuilding.
“I thought she’d swallow me whole,” the owner confessed. “I was planning on using a stray cat or dog to test, but I couldn’t do that to a poor defenseless animal.”
“So you thought you’d try a delivery driver first.” Brain grinned as he stroked Audrey’s bulb.
“I figured no one would miss a pizza boy,” the old man said, “I mean they are easy to replace.”
“Oh, She’s too loving to do that.” He turned to address the purring plant, “Aren’t you?”
“Look this was just a…” The owner started.
“The pizza is $15.85 and under the circumstances I think a good tip is order, don’t you?” Brian told him pulling out the pizza.
“Okay,” the owner said sheepishly, “Here’s forty is that good enough?”
“Yeah,” Brian said disentangling himself from Audrey’s loving roots, “That’s fine, Just give her a good petting from time to time.”
“You’d better appreciate this, boy.” The old man growled, “I warn you if you mention this to anyone I can make your life a living hell.”
“Maybe.” Brian handed him the Pizza and took his money, being careful to avoid Audrey’s affectionate roots. “But my life has been shot to hell so many times that I could be hell’s tour guide.”
As he was walking back to his car Brian could hear the old man saying, “Sorry Audrey I didn’t know you liked to be petted, there, there…Audrey your roots have me awful tight… Audrey what are you doing?? Audrey stop that…”
Brian stopped on the path and briefly debated turning around to see if everything was all right, but he figured if Audrey had decided to eat the man it served him right. Not paying attention to a sweet plant like that, also he hated the fact that he was leaving Kyle to clean up for him so he needed to get back to the Pizza Joint.


A Bite of... Darrell B Nelson
Q1: How much of your writing is autobiographical?

An An Extra Topping of Horror was my most “out there” book, and at the same time very autobiographical. My main character, Brian, had lost everything and had to take a job delivering Pizzas in a small American town. At the time I had gone from making six figures to delivering Pizzas in a small American town. So not a stretch.
Brian goes through the journey of self-discovery, finding out what is really important in life, while saving the Earth. I went through the same journey, didn’t save the Earth though.
90% of the customers were inspired by my actual customers, in a carnival caricature type way.

Q2: Facing your demons? How much of what you write could be classed as therapy?

Writing is definitely a way of staying sane, for me. I can work out my thoughts and emotions in a safe place. Sometimes find gruesome ways to kill people, something that is frowned upon in real life. I like to think the difference between being crazy and being a writer is a crazy person has voices in their head talking to them, a writer has voices in their head talking to each other.

Q3: Is it important to include all shades of belief and sexual orientation in a book?

Not every book. In An Extra Topping of Horror, only a few of the character’s sexual orientation were mentioned.
Mind Thief on the other hand was set in college. Students are more open of what their orientation is, so 9 of the characters and side characters had their orientation revealed. Only 2 were straight. The funny thing is I had a reviewer say LGBQTI weren’t represented because I didn’t label them as such, and my heroine wasn’t bi, just really bad at being straight.
The thing is, I’ve only had one guy ever “tell” me he was gay, that was on our third date and he was wondering why I didn’t put out. BTW:His technique would have been better if he took me to a nice dinner, not just stopped by my room with a six-pack. My friends give me subtle clues, like when a guy introduces me to their husband or long term boyfriend, I hope they are gay. When I’m with guys talking about our wives and a girl joins and talks about her wife, I think she just might be gay. Subtle clues like that.
In my writing I take the same approach. Unless you are dating them, sexual orientation is the least important thing to know about a person. They will reveal themselves to you with subtle clues, like introducing you to their spouse.


Darrell in his own words

Darrell B. Nelson is a former Securities Broker and Insurance Agent who has decided to use the total meltdown of his former industry, and the total destruction of any illusions of personal financial security the meltdown caused, as an opportunity to pursue a writing career.
His passion for writing was encouraged at a young age by his mother, who would read to him every night. Fueling his dreams in ways only books can. As he got older she took him to the library every week. Letting his imagination soar.
While other children his age were dealing with where they were and what they were doing, he was flying through space helping to build Asimov’s Foundation, Make way for Clarke’s Star Child, or living on Bova’s Selene. Needless to say, he tripped over things a lot.
When he started writing he knew in the future his works would be of great importance, as time travelers arrived and started watching his every move. Or, maybe they were cats, wondering if he would pet them and rub their ears. Time Travelers have whiskers and like to curl up in your lap, right?

You can find Darrell B Nelson on Goodreads, Twitter or his own website.


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