Coffee Break read – Stan and Ollie, Bud and Lew

from Who Pulled Her Out?  by Jane Jago which is available for pre-order.

As if on cue, the Staffies awoke from their nap and decided to indulge in a noisy debate about the ownership of a very battered clown toy. Stan and Ollie watched them in some hauteur for a few moments before taking a hand. Stan bullied Bud to one side of the kitchen while Ollie removed the disputed and disreputable clown from Lew’s grip and brought it over to me. He laid it at my feet, as much as to say ‘your turn’. I picked it up gingerly and put it on the kitchen table,
“Right. Okay. Nobody has the bloody thing.”
Stan and Ollie regarded me solemnly for a moment before ambling off into the garden, where there was a nice patch of shade and some cool grass. The Staffies sensing there was no more fun to be had followed them at a respectful distance. Morgan regarded me with dancing eyes.
“Are they always like that?”
“Mercifully not. I think Bud and Lew are missing the twins. Nobody to play with. So they are a bit bored.”
Ben smiled. “Stan and Ollie can usually be relied on to put a stop when they think the Staffies are out of order. It’s just the reproachful look they give Joss when they have had to intervene.” Then he started to laugh, and we all joined in. Stan put his elegant head in through the door as if to see what all the noise was about. I could have sworn he sighed before going back into the relative quiet of the garden.

Who Pulled Her Out?  by Jane Jago is released on Monday 29 October!

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