Author Feature ‘The Voyage of the Entdecker’ by B.A. Simmons

The Voyage of the Entdecker is the first of five books in the Archipelago Series by B.A. Simmons. Book two, The Hellhound Consortium, is available and book three will be out in January, 2019.

The Voyage of the Entdecker by B.A. Simmons was released in January, 2017 through Glass Spider Publishing. It is a Young Adult Science Fiction novel set on the planet Archipelago. Archipelago is a world of islands and ocean; there are no continents. Humans live on this planet. They are the descendants of a failed human colony. Earth is a myth to them, like Atlantis or Shangri La. Now, hundreds of years later, one of these descendants, Rob Engleman sets out on a journey of discovery on a mysterious ship. He, along with some friends, his brother and cousins, will discover the lost history and lost technology of humans on Archipelago. Yet the dangers of the alien planet and of more ambitious humans threaten to destroy all Rob and his friends love and live for. 
They sailed along the western edge of the dangerous shoals for two days when they noted a wreck. She was more than two hundred feet inside the rocks, stuck fast upon two of the spear-like protrusions. After a quick consultation with Tom, Mark decided they should maneuver the Entdecker to look for survivors and salvage anything valuable.
Tom carefully handled the waves and backwashes but the Entdecker still bumped gently against the submerged masses. One collision was hard enough to spring a leak in the hull. Rob and Anna were quick to use the tar ropes to plug it. As they came alongside the wreck, they used the gaff hook and anchor to stabilize them against it. Mark, Rob, and Edwin clambered aboard.
The ship was a grand caravel class, but she was a grand mess at that moment. Both her masts were snapped and lay athwartship port, the sails torn to ribbons. Various ropes and lines were strewn about the deck as she lay at a twenty-degree list. It was difficult to walk on the slippery surface with its slope, and they had to mind the gaping hole between the masts where the grating over the cargo hatch was broken away.
Edwin used the stray ropes to lift himself up for a better view of the inside of the hold. Rob and Mark made their way aft toward what they hoped would be the captain’s cabin.
“Look there,” shouted Edwin as he pointed down into the hold. Mark and Rob delicately stepped over chunks of wood and rope to approach the open hatch.
“I still can’t see anything,” Mark called back to Edwin.
“There’s ore down there. Probably copper, but it’s under a few feet of water so it’s hard to say for sure. It could be gold.”
“Ingots or unrefined?” Rob asked.
“Ingots! Several tons of them.”
The smile on Edwin’s face was luminous. He found a rope that was still attached to the hull above him and tossed the loose end down the hatch. He had no sooner done so when two enormous tentacles shot out from the hold and flailed about.
Mark and Rob scrambled back to the cabin door. They made it through as one of the tentacles followed them and swept the deck aft. Edwin climbed higher up and over the starboard side of the ship. He hung there while the other tentacle reached around trying to find him. After a minute of searching, both tentacles retreated.
Mark and Rob both motioned for Edwin to climb to them. Over the sounds of the wind and the crash of waves on the rocks, they could hear Tom and Anna’s voices calling out. Edwin, who could see the Entdecker as it bobbed up and down next to the wreck, gestured for them to remain quiet. He climbed sideways across the railing until he was just above the doorway. With surprising agility, he swung himself over and slid down the deck grabbing Mark’s hand as he came to it. Again, the long tentacle reached out and tried to find the source of the vibrations it sensed. Mark pulled Edwin into the cabin and they forced the door shut.

B.A. Simmons in his own words:

I am a child of the Rocky Mountains. I grew up in Montana, Colorado, Idaho and Utah; roaming the mountains and valleys. I have been writing since I was ten years old. Mostly science fiction, a bit of fantasy, some poetry and even journalism. I am a graduate of Utah State University majoring in English Education with a history minor. I teach English at North Ogden Jr. High School; writing, ultra running and playing role-play games in my spare time. 

A Bite of... B.A. Simmons
Q1: Have you ever written somebody you love into a book? 

In book three of my series (finished last month, to be released in January) I wrote minor character who is basically my dad. I love my dad, but I killed the character off. My dad is one of my beta-readers and didn’t comment about this character. I am still wondering if he even noticed this character.

Q2: Facing your demons? How much of what you write could be classed as therapy?

Writing is definitely therapy for me. I don’t think of it as ‘facing my demons’, at least not in the traditional sense. I was that kid who was always off in La La Land. I have a vivid and immersive imagination with myriad worlds. It’s a miracle I made it through school. So, in a way, my imagination is a demon that threatens to control my life. Writing is my way of taming the demon; making it do what I want it to and possibly earning me a little money as well. 

Q3: How much of you is in your hero? 

My protagonist is me, but he’s everyone else also. I actually blogged about this recently on my website. I tried to write Rob Engleman so that he is the average human male. There is absolutely nothing special about him. He’s intelligent but not a genius, he’s semi-athletic, but certainly no Achilles. There’s no magic, no superpowers and even technology is limited on my world. Rob is a nobody, but everybody at the same time. 

You can catch up with B.A. Simmons on Facebook, Twitter and his own web page.


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