Iconoclast Trilogy – Original Artwork Covers by Ian Bristow

Ian Bristow talented artist, musician and author tells the Working Title Blog how he created the covers for Fortune's Fools final trilogy: Mistrust and Treason, Not To Be and A Necessary End.
WTB: These covers are all from the same original artwork, how did you create that and why did you use that method?

IB: Well, the way I created it was from the ground up, first sketching, then painting and detailing. The reason I painted completely custom work for these covers was simply because the need was there. No preexisting photos would fit the need. It would have required compromise in the representation of content. Though painting the piece was quite time-consuming, the end result is something I am very happy with, and more importantly, it’s something the author is happy with.


Watch Ian creating this original panorama in a time-lapse video.

WTB: What do you regard as being the main advantage of using original art for a book cover over photo-manipulation?

IB: Two things. One is that you are in absolute control of what image is being produced, and two, there is an artistic feel that comes from a painting that might be a bit lost in photo-manipulation. That said, at times it is the photo feel that works best for a cover and in those cases, it’s all about maintaining that quality and just tweaking to fit the cover’s needs.

WTB: Did you put in little details that might not be immediately visible or include any visual ‘easter eggs’?

IB: Actually there are loads of tiny details I used to try and authenticate the idea that we are seeing the city from a distance. Small text and things. One docking bay says ‘Read’ while most are just numbers and such. But my favorite thing that I hid in there is the author’s name in the faint numbers you see in the sky. It is spelled out like this: 3.M. 5w1ft-H00K.

Mistrust and Treason is out 21 September and available for pre-order now!

If you would like to find out more about Ian Bristow's cover designing services, go to Bristow Design or look for Ian on his Website, check out his awesome timelapse art videos with his own original music on YouTube or follow him on Twitter.

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