Haruspex Trilogy – New Covers by Ian Bristow

Ian Bristow talented artist, musician and author tells the Working Title Blog how he created the covers for Fortune's Fools second trilogy Trust A Few, Edge of Doom and A Walking Shadow.
WTB: These are a very different style from the covers you did for Transgressor. How did you keep the series feel going?

IB: There are a few ways to tie covers together, the most potent being the titling. If the same font and a relatively close color are used, the mind will automatically make the connection. But there is another, less commonly used, method that is very effective, and that is using a logo. Since there are three trilogies within the Fortune’s Fools series, it made sense to create a logo to really help push the connectivity. I think it really helps. Also, logos are just good for branding. It was a win-win.

WTB: Each cover has a face, but how did you blend in the different backgrounds as well as maintain the foreground elements, such as the code and lines?

IB: It was a matter of utilizing the ability to separate pieces of the image into their own layers. Once I had created the foreground, I was able to place it in slightly differing areas for interest while maintaining the overall unification of the images. With the backgrounds, I took from a core element and built off it, bringing in pieces of covers from the first and last trilogies to tie these ones backwards and forward in the series. I wanted them to feel like they are in the middle.

WTB: What did you find the most challenging element of creating these covers?

IB: There were numerous challenges, but the hardest part was creating the code and grid lines to match a small pre-existing area that had been on the original photo. It was essential that I got it exactly right or where it ended and I started would have been very obvious, essentially ruining the covers.

These new covers are available from today and to celebrate you can dive into the trilogy with Trust A Few for only £/$0.99 for the next 10 days!

If you would like to find out more about Ian Bristow's cover designing services, go to Bristow Design or look for Ian on his Website, check out his awesome timelapse art videos with his own original music on YouTube or follow him on Twitter.

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