Author feature: Chaos Fountain by D.C. Ballard

Chaos Fountain by D.C. Ballard is the story of Kyle Durlow. A chance encounter on the streets of San Diego rockets Kyle into a world where titans of industry have business meetings with gods, and he is dragged along for the ride.

“That would be due to mass shift. If it was the Phoenix station you had set our coordinates for.” came Tory’s weak voice from behind us.
“Tory?” I turned to look back at him.
“A wormhole is a short cut through the in-between. I feel a lot better.” He looked a lot better. Actually he looked almost normal, with the exception of a ragged pink scar across his nose.
“Our entrance into this area was spectacular enough. There should be a ship here within the hour.” said Tory.
“I thought wormhole drives didn’t work.” said Markus.
“Normally they don’t, or not well. I’m sure you know, they are very impractical because of the energy storage needs. I could never figure out how to make capacitors that could hold enough energy to make it work efficiently. It occurred to me that the fused field coils would do the job.”
“Amazing!” exclaimed Markus sounding indignant.
“What?” said Tory innocently.
“You utilize an experiment during a life and death situation. An experiment which might not have worked at all.” yelled Markus.
“We didn’t really have much choice.”
“You could have told us.”
“I was going to.”
“When? After it failed?” said Markus sarcastically.
“No. I was going to tell you once I was done with the final repairs.”
“But you didn’t count on the effect the radiation had on you.” said Markus getting angry.
“Right. And…”
“And we got jumped. By the gods, I do not believe you.” Markus said in exasperation.
“Markus.” said Tory pleadingly.
“Uh guys.” I said trying to get their attention.
“No. I’m not going to discuss it with you.” Said Markus, his voice clearly angry, and a red tinge to his normally void black scales.
“Guys!” I said louder.
“Look. I’m sorry. I figured you’d run for the edge of the system first.”
“I did, but we were outclassed by other ships.”
“GUYS!!” I screamed.
“What?” they said as one looking at me.
“Look.” I said pointing out the window. Outside were about 30 ships like the ones we had just escaped from.
“This is not good, I don’t recognize those craft.” said Tory, and that worried me a lot.
“What about those.” I said. As some 50 other ships began appearing behind the original 30.
“Those I recognize. Markus can you get me a comm link to those Andarian cruisers.”
“On line.” The connection was cut immediately from the destination end. “They cut us off. Wait. I’ve got a tight beam coming in on frequency 7.”
“That′s not good at all, let’s see it.” said Tory.

A Bite of ... D.C. Ballard
Q1: Would you rather be a hero or a villain?

Hmm… Neither? I look at it this way. A friend of mine uses me as his archetype for the villain’s he writes for his comics, none of which he has published despite my prompting. He does this, not because of me being evil, but based on a mindset. If I have henchmen, a big technological base with cameras and defenses, etc… Then why the hell am I going to go charging down to confront the cause of an alarm. That’s what I have camera’s, defenses, and henchmen for. Seriously, it makes no sense to place myself in harms way, or removed from easy access to my multiple escape routes.

Given all that, I suppose I would end up being the villain, or at least not the hero. Enlightened Self Interest only gets you so far. Sure, it will get you some points, but eventually you have to either give things away without getting anything for it, or be seen as the bad guy for expecting people to earn what you have to offer.

Q2: Why do you write? Money is an acceptable answer.

So my characters will be silent for a few hours so I can sleep.

Q3: Chocolate cake or coffee cake? And give reasons.

CHOCOLATE!!!! There need be no other answer or reasons, other than… CHOCOLATE!!!! I’m not an addict, you are. I can quite any time. Hey! Get away from that drawer. Don’t look in there…. No, that’s not my chocolate. I don’t know how that got in there, but I guess I’ll have a few pieces… Stop looking at me like that.

D.C. Ballard in his own words

I write and am published as D.C.Ballard, which is just the initialized version of my given name. I am a Husband, Father, and Pet-Papa (2 cats, 1 Min-pin). As a writer, I work mostly at night while my wife sleeps; writing, editing, building covers for my work, websites to help promote my work, and interacting with other authors online.

For me, the writing experience, and my relationship with my Muse and Characters is an interesting. My best description of Muse, unlike the gentle breeze of inspiration I hear other writers and artists describe, is that of a mountain of a man who likes to hide around corners with a spiked baseball bat and swing for the fences with my brain as the ball, when I walk into view.

My view into the Chronicles of Ascension Universe, which is where all my stories take place, even if they never come into contact, is much like looking through a window. A window, that over time, as you look through it, gets larger, cleaner, clearer, and merges with other windows you didn’t realize were part of the same Universe.

You can find the book on AmazonBarnes&NobelSmashwords and Kobo and the author on Facebook, Twitter or his own website and blog.

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