Author feature ‘Body Count’ by D.R. Perry

Body Count by D.R. Perry, has just been released! The second book in a series called Supernatural Vigilante Society it tells the story of a good Italian boy from Cranston, Rhode Island starting his career as a PI. Oh, he also just happens to be a reluctant and brand new vampire...


“Get him!” I raise my voice for the first time tonight because there’s no other way any of us will catch the bastard if I don’t. Unfortunately, that means the prey Scott, Esther and I are stalking gets spooked. 

“Aoooo!” Scott can’t talk right now because he’s a six foot tall wolfmanthing. He swings and misses. Yeah, my little buddy Scott is a teenage werewolf. 

“Waffletwat!” Esther’s right leg goes out from under her. She’s a magician with no four-letter filter. And apparently a klutz. 

“Fine.” I burn blood to turn on some speed. 

Right now you’re wondering “blood? What the hell does he mean? Who is this guy, anyway?” 

I’m Valentino Cripso, PI. And I’m the newest vampire in Rhode Island. So yeah, I’m using blood to boost my speed because that’s one of the things we can do with it. And it’s one of two powers I actually have the hang of. So, I’m using my powers to finish my case. You got a problem with that? That’s what I thought. Keep reading. 

Dashing past Esther and Scott is the easiest part. Pouncing on the bastard isn’t hard either. But getting a grip, man, that’s damn near impossible. Because he’s one slippery customer. 

But that shouldn’t have surprised me. I knew what we were getting into when we took the job. I’m speedy enough to get around and corner him so that’s what I do. He looks up at me, blinks, and starts climbing up the wall. I see my chance and take it.

I whip off one of my gloves and scoop the little guy up in it. 

Said guy is a missing pet. Salamander, to be specific. And I’m holding him captive in an article of clothing that I wear to keep people from noticing that I don’t show up in mirrors. This victory wouldn’t have been possible if I were still human because nobody wears gloves in Rhode Island in June. 

“Case closed.” 


A Bite Of... D.R. Perry
Q1: Is it important to include all shades of belief and sexual orientation in a book?

It’s important to let the characters be who they are. This means I do research by reading and talking to people who are similar to my characters in some way. Valentino is Roman Catholic and I’m not. I learn so much more about the human condition by writing with diversity and I think it’s made me a better writer. 

Q2: Would you rather be James Bond or Batman?

Neither of these. If I could pick any fictional secret agent to be, it’s Peggy Carter from the MCU. 

Q3: Have you ever written somebody you love into a book?

Yes. I do this all the time. The most difficult one was in Wiser Guys. Gilbert Edgewood is so close in demeanor and life outlook to a friend I lost decades ago to a drug overdose. The easiest one is Stephanie McQueen from SVS. She’s not based on a real person, though, not exactly. Instead, I took most of her personality from a character I played for nine years in a vampire LARP. If you’ve never been in a live action role playing game, I’ll explain that there’s no way to keep a character that long without loving them at least a little bit. 

D.R. Perry is an author from Rhode Island who has fifteen publications and counting. She was a Dragon Award finalist in 2016 with her Alternate History novel, A Change In Crime. You can find her on Twitter, Facebook and her own website and support her through Patreon.




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