Summer Time and the Reading is Easy…

We at the Working Title Blog like to help out when we can, so today we offer you some suggestions for books you might not have come across that you should consider sticking on your Kindle before you leave home on vacation this year. We have tried to cover a range of genres so there should be something for everyone to give a try. Needless to say, all come with a Highly Recommended sticker!

Hunting Darkness by Ian Bristow
Urban Fantasy.
DI Davis is beginning to come to terms with the fact his sergeant has been murdered, when the investigation leads him to encounter a dark druidic mystery.

Rafferty Lincoln Loves…  by Emily Williams
Contemporary YA.
An intense, witty and powerful coming of age story with startling consequences. No adult can read this and not be taken back to their days at school and any teen reading it is going to recognise themselves in this story.

Tales of a Nuisance Man by James Maxstadt.
Humorous Fantasy.
Duke Grandfather has a very unfortunate name as he is neither a Duke nor a Grandfather – he is a Nuisance Man. Hunting down ‘nuisances’ in Capital City for bounty.

The Blue Serpent by Claire Buss
Mixed Genre
A selection of short and snappy tales from sci-fi to contemporary settings. Hugely recommended.

The Vexation of Vampires by Chrys Cymri
Portal Fantasy
Penny White Five. If you’ve missed the first four do snag those first. Penny’s life gets even more complex. You will laugh and cry.

First Steps for a Hero by Judith Rook
YA Fantasy
Young adult with a twist. A likeable young hero begins to come into his destiny. Fascinating.

Do be sure to at least 'Look Inside' these books and maybe you'll discover a new favourite!

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