Coffee Break Read – The Bad Billionaire

Candy had worshipped the boss from afar since her very first day at Maxwell Industries. But she was just a typist, and no matter how fast her heart beat and how the butterflies in her stomach fluttered at the very sound of his voice, the best she could realistically hope for was the occasional glimpse of his commanding figure as he strode through the corridors with his team of secretaries and assistants at his heels.

The call to his office to take some dictation came out of the blue one Friday afternoon, and she smoothed down her demure little skirt with suddenly sweaty palms. She tapped gently on the office door and was rewarded with a curt “Come”.

Mr Maxwell sat behind his huge mahogany desk, immaculately suited, and perfectly presented. Candy thought his silver-flecked beard and horn-rimmed spectacles only served to accentuate his utter handsomeness. She felt her breath catch in the back of her throat as she detected the faintest scent of his cologne, it was something spicy and masculine and she felt her knees weakening.

Mr Maxwell didn’t seem to notice her discomfiture. He just pointed one finger at a seat in the corner and started to rattle off strings of figures at the speed of a machine gun.

After about five minutes he stopped abruptly and motioned for Candy to hand him her pad. She passed it over and nervously licked her lips. He studied it for some moments before smiling his approval.
“Very good, Miss Jones. Only one error and you have noted that yourself.”

He looked her up and down and Candy felt the blush start at the Peter Pan collar of her neatly ironed blouse and work it’s way up to her face.
Mr Maxwell laughed.
“Is your passport up to date?”
“Yes, Mr Maxwell.”
“And is there any reason why you wouldn’t be able to accompany me on a business trip to the US?”
“No sir.”
“Very well. Go home and pack. We leave at eight this evening. Smart casual wear will be appropriate. And Miss Jones, no trousers and no tights.”

Candy all but ran from the room, and Boris Maxwell leaned back in his chair. He smiled a cold smile, as he thought of how sweetly virginal the girl looked and how much pleasure he would take in training her to be properly submissive to his needs…

Jane Jago

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