Author feature ‘Light’s Dawn’ by Yvette Bostic

Light's Dawn is book one in the Light in the Darkness series by Yvette Bostic.

Mikel and Raphael are the sole survivors of a horrific battle where each of their own armies are annihilated by demons. They’re forced to become reluctant allies in a war they can’t possibly win on their own. With the help of a mysterious stranger, they join forces with an Amazon warrior in pursuit of the demon-summoning cultists. Only together will they find themselves strong enough to face the emerging evil. Read an extract…

A snapping limb to Mikel’s right caught his attention and arrested his movement. He listened intently and heard it again. He looked to each side, panic creeping across his skin. A rustle of leaves stirred, this time even closer. He scurried to the nearest tree and started climbing. He didn’t stop until he was halfway up the tree. He held his breath, certain that the soldiers below him heard his noisy ascent. The seconds ticked by as he listened to muffled footfalls and snapping branches.

He looked down through the thick leaves and saw a dark form emerge beneath him. It was enormous, towering above the height of any normal man. Large, curved horns emerged from its dark skull. Its black, muscular body covered only by a pair of linen pants. It held a massive dual-headed axe in its clawed fingers.

Mikel tried desperately to control his breathing, but fear threatened to overwhelm him as a dozen more of the creatures passed under his hiding spot. He nearly fell from his perch when he heard a soft gasp above him. He looked up to find a Portuguese soldier clinging to the next highest limb. The man’s face reflected the same fear and confusion as his own.

Mikel turned his gaze towards the Portuguese army, the same direction the monsters were headed. Were there more approaching the Dutch as well? Were these the creatures the scout saw the other night? Mikel reigned in his fear and carefully made his way down the tree. He needed to warn the Dutch soldiers. As much as he hated his situation, he suddenly realized there was safety in numbers. He and Harry would never survive an attack against those creatures.

When his feet touched the ground, he heard the other soldier descending the tree as well. They nodded to each other, understanding the greater danger.

Mikel threw caution to wind and ran as quickly as possible back to his fellow soldiers. He heard the sounds of fighting before he reached southern side of the clearing. Agonizing screams were followed by otherworldly howls. The Commander’s strong voice cut across the chaos for a second before it was silenced. Mikel stopped just inside the tree line and watched in horror as a dozen more demons swarmed through the Dutch soldiers. The men tried to fight back, but the sheer size and strength of the monsters they faced could not be matched. His gaze was drawn to the sound of Harry cursing. Surrounded by the dead bodies of the soldiers he despised, he raised his sword and growled at the lone demon in front of him. A feral grin spread across the creature’s face. It raised its axe above its head and brought it down against Harry’s sword. Harry’s weapon shattered and the demon embedded his bloody blade in Harry’s chest.

Mikel ran away from the carnage and into the thick underbrush. Visions of the men he had despised for weeks being slaughtered by those hellish creatures clouded his thoughts. He stumbled through the night, not heeding the direction he traveled, having lost sight of the road hours before.

He tripped and landed face first in small stream. He pulled himself to his knees and sobbed. His salty tears mixing with blood from dozens of cuts inflicted by the thick foliage. He was lost in a foreign jungle, without food or water and utterly alone.


A Bite of....Mikel Davis. 

Question One: What is the most important to You? Love? Money? Good health? Fame?

Before the events that led me to South America and the creation of the Council of Light, my answer would have been money and social standing. My family owned a rather productive textile company in London and our influence and sales increased greatly when we secured a contract with the East India Trading Company. My entire life revolved around my career and the wealth it brought to my family. When I was torn away from Ambon Island and thrust into the Dutch army in South America, my outlook on life changed dramatically. Finding out that a demonic warlord intends to enslave the world tends to make the squabble with my neighbor seemed fairly insignificant. Love and compassion for humanity’s survival replaced everything else.

Question Two: What is the stupidest thing you have ever done? And what impact did it have on your life?

There are so many to choose from. Seeking revenge on the Dutch was probably one of my weakest moments. It nearly cost me my life as well as those who chose to follow me. The only positive thing to come from it was the rescue of the young Chinese woman who would become my soulmate. So, in the end it was worth it. I have no doubt fate played a role in my need for vengeance.

Question Three: If you could make one unbreakable law what would it be? And why?

My first thought would be murder. No one would be to take the life of another in cold blood. But that would make me one of the largest offenders, as I have taken the lives of so many without hesitation. Of course, most of those were demons or the cultists that summon them, but they are lives non-the-less. Had I not killed them, they would have slaughtered innocent people by the thousands. I’m not sure I could come up with a law that could not be broken. We cannot legislate man’s emotions, or I would say no one is allowed to hate another. That alone would remove so much of the violence in our world. It could possibly eliminate the need for my Council, which I believe I would welcome with open arms.

Yvette Bostic lives in the beautiful mountains of West Virginia. During the day she has a full-time career, but when she gets home and kicks off her shoes she becomes absorbed in her next novel. She enjoys the company of her ever-patient husband who believes she’s lost in her computer, and three dogs who are the only ones who can drag her away from writing-mostly because she has no desire to clean up their mess.

She loves to read almost anything, but fantasy has a special place in her heart. You can find Yvette on Goodreads, Facebook, Twitter and her own website.

Her first series ‘Light in the Darkness’ is available on Amazon.   

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